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Fic - A Sizeable Matter (The Musketeers)

Title: A Sizeable Matter
Pairings: OT3
Rating: 15
Wordcount: 1,542
Summary: People are placing bets as to who's got the bigger dick, Aramis or Porthos. Athos is forced to act as judge. Somewhat inevitably, it all ends in a circle-jerk.

Athos wasn't entirely sure how he'd got dragged into thisCollapse )


Fic - A Quiet Thing (The Musketeers)

Athos 2
Title: A Quiet Thing
Pairings: Somewhere between gen and Athos/everyone
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,360
Summary: For the kinkmeme prompt: "When Athos drinks a little too much, he becomes a much more tactile person then usual, and it means that he's clinging to everyone who's near him at the moment. That's why he prefers to drink alone, so not to embarrass himself. Of course his closest friends are totaly aware of his little weakness, but pretend that they are not. That's why at least one of them is always sticking close to him, when Athos is drunk. And Athos, in his turn, pretends that he doesn't remember anything."

I'll stay, if you want?Collapse )



JC Shit
So I would appear to have done something horrible to my back. All I did was lean over the bath on Monday morning to wash my hair, and now I can hardly move. At least, not without making noises somewhere between a distressed pekingese and full out bloodcurdling scream, depending on whether I judge it wrong.

I can't bend without agony. It's - interesting. And difficult to get pants on.

Entirely my own fault, obviously, for thinking 'hmnn it'd be nice to have a couple of days off to get some writing finished...'


Title: Breaking Serve (Part 3 of 3)
Pairings: Athos/Porthos, Aramis/D'Artagnan
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 8,280
Summary: Part three - game, set and match...
AN: Part 1 : Part 2 (Link to the whole thing on AO3)

With the sun beating down out of a cloudless sky the match got underway.Collapse )


Fic - Seduction By Degrees (The Musketeers)

Title: Seduction By Degrees
Pairings: Aramis/D'Artagnan
Rating: 15
Wordcount: 923
Summary: For the kinkmeme prompt "No matter how many times d'Artagnan tells himself it must never happen again, Aramis somehow always manages to seduce him. Because I really want to see toppy, seductive Aramis with a reluctant d'Art." Basically, four times Aramis seduces d'Artagnan and one time he (sort of) fails.
AN: Yes I know I'm supposed to be finishing God knows how many other things, but I saw this prompt and it just sort of happened. Although I'm not sure how close the fill is to the actual prompt. Oh well.

The first time it happens d'Artagnan is drunkCollapse )

Title: Breaking Serve (Part 2 of 3)
Pairings: Athos/Porthos, Aramis/D'Artagnan
Rating: PG (this part. drama now, filth later. if you're good.)
Wordcount: 3,304
Summary: Tennis AU. Porthos is on track to take the Wimbledon mens' doubles title with Aramis - but not everyone wants him to win, and it may be that the best way to take him down is through Athos...
AN: So this appears to have gone into three sets parts, oops.

Nervous?Collapse )

Fic - Breaking Serve (The Musketeers, AU)

Title: Breaking Serve (Part 1 of 2)
Pairings: Athos/Porthos, Aramis/D'Artagnan
Rating: 15
Wordcount: 6,184
Summary: Tennis AU. Sequel to 'Holding Serve' and 'Returning Serve'. (Porthos and Aramis are doubles partners, under the stern eye of coach Treville. Athos is Porthos' lover, and his ex-doubles partner-turned-commentator, since a drink problem forced him to retire from the game). Porthos is on track to take the Wimbledon mens' doubles title with Aramis - but not everyone wants him to win, and it may be that the best way to take him down is through Athos...
Warnings: Contains descriptions of struggles with alcoholism, past and present.

And where do you boys you think you're going?Collapse )

Fic - Returning Serve (The Musketeers, AU)

Title: Returning Serve
Pairings: Athos/Porthos
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 2,656
Summary: Tennis AU. Sequel to 'Holding Serve', for evilmaniclaugh. It has kissing in the rain, and massage-leading-to-hand-jobs. What more could you want?

Read moreCollapse )


Fic - Holding Serve (The Musketeers, AU)

Tom & Howard 2
Title: Holding Serve
Pairings: Athos/Porthos
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 1,900
Summary: Quick tennis AU for evilmaniclaugh, because the Tsonga match was giving us Porthos feels, and the only person who gets more Porthos feels than us is Athos...

Porthos hurled his kitbag into the hallway and slammed the front door hard enough to make the glass rattle.Collapse )


White Carnation

Oh my God, there's a Yassen Gregorovich short story, why has no-one ever told me this? (I'm not claiming it's earth-shattering, to be honest AH's short stories have always left something to be desired if you ask me, but anyway, it exists, and I flailed, because Yassen.)

White Carnation (link's to a PDF, story's on page 28)



Fic - Lazy Morning Loving (The Musketeers)

Title: Lazy Morning Loving
Pairings: Athos/Porthos/Aramis
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 2,366
Summary: Written for a kinkmeme prompt of: "Athos/Porthos/Aramis - lazy morning sex. Bonus points for: one of them enjoys having his hair pulled; kissing. a lot of kissing; BOTTOM!PORTHOS."

Read on AO3


Fic: Game On (Musketeers RPF)

Title: Game On
Pairings: Santiago Cabrera/Luke Pasqualino (Musketeers RPF)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 2,842
Summary: Set before and after the Soccer Aid football match Santiago played in. Established relationship, shameless filth.
AN: This fic was mostly the fault of this picture and the fact I couldn't stop staring at his crotch.

Nervous?Collapse )

Harry Styles
Email from Ticketmaster: "As a Best Seat ticket holder, you are also entitled to an exclusive One Direction gift." WTF I'd forgotten this point if it's not a blow-up Harry Styles I shall be disappointed XD

So yes, off to That London tomorrow, to harrass astrolabus and tinselworm, stalk 1D (on Saturday, so I shall miss the BGT final, woe), see the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum and generally Get Drunk and make a nuisance of myself. Hurrah!

Slightly sad I shall miss seeing the socceraid thing too, as both Santiago Cabrera and Damian Lewis are playing, not to mention Jeremy Renner, but there we are. I can only stalk one set of people at a time, how sad *g*


Athos 2
So, I read a thing that said Tom Burke was going to be in an episode of the second series of Utopia. Which I'd never heard of, but it sounded intriguing, and the whole first series was on 4OD, so I thought I'd have a quick look at the first episode and see what it was like.

That was at eight o' clock this evening. It's now two AM, I've just watched the entire series, drunk an entire bottle of wine, and completely failed to eat any dinner.

It's HORRIBLE. And amazing. Why have I never heard of it before? And when's the second series? Argh.


2x Musketeers Fics

I've posted these on bbc_musketeers but not here yet, so for completeness...

Title: Come Rain Or Shine
Pairings: OT3 (Athos/Aramis/Porthos)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2,447
Summary: Written for a kinkmeme prompt of "OT3 who have been in a relationship for a couple of years and have reached that stage of easy affection that comes with familiarity; nicknames, cuddling, hair stroking and kissing that doesn't always lead to sex. Just let me see them in a loving relationship without sex bring the main focus."

Four snapshots of weather-related fluffiness (with a little light H/C thrown in for good measure).


Title: A Night At Madame Angel's
Pairings: Aramis/Porthos, Aramis/Porthos/Athos
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 2,369
Summary: Written for the kinkmeme prompt of Aramis/Porthos leading to OT3 - where Madame Angel's is "a secret Parisian sex club, where the members all wear Venetian style masks and it caters for pretty much anything between consenting adults."

"I leave it to you, anon, what Aramis and Porthos choose to do there. Perhaps they just like an audience. Or, as they have to keep their relationship hidden from the world the rest of time, maybe there is an element of 'mine, look but don't touch'. Bottom Aramis preferred. I would love it if Athos - frustrated and lonely - gets an invite from someone, and after consuming more than a few drinks one evening, he goes. Slowly it dawns on him who he is watching, after a lot of 'it can't be...' and thinking he's drunkenly hallucinating. Does he silently mouth one of their names and they see and guess his identity too, or does he draw the pair's attention by trying to leave too quickly, bumping into other guests and tables, muttering apologies. Do they guess who he is and tailor their performance to him - suddenly it's less about exhibitionism and more of an invitation."





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