suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

"Let's get out of here. We need to get Harry in the shower."

~ Dermot O'Leary, in Konnie Huq's dressing room.

Taking my role as enabler to bellap74 and honeyfitz seriously, I present the following choice quotes from this week's F Factor:

Q: Are you going to miss your bromance with Matt?
Aiden: "Yeah. We shared a room. Gonna miss many things." *winks*

Q: Do you prefer your hair in a quiff or floppy?"
Aiden: "Floppy when it needs to be floppy. It's erect when it needs to be erect."

also, because it made me LOL:

Q. What are you going to miss most [about the X Factor]?
Aiden: "Being called intense on a daily basis."
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