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An Ordinary Man

Ten seconds in and Athos is already so done with the King.

"You there! Take off your clothes!" Yeah, and that *really* bad moustache while you're at it.

Love the WTF? looks between Athos and Porthos when Louis' telling them to treat him as a friend. And the fact that neither of them will do up his buckle and d'Artagnan cracks first.

Ooh Porthos tavern wrestling. Louis cheering, d'Artagnan getting into it, and Athos just inwardly wincing haha.
Actually he's probably just pissed off because he has to stay sober and keep an eye on the king XD

Athos does always look so good by candlelight.


Porthos: "We should show him what it's really like to be poor in Paris."
Athos: ...
Porthos: "Or not."

Athos for once getting d'Artagnan to be the one to get the important target to safety instead of Porthos. Wonder how differently this episode would have played out if it had been Porthos chained to the king.

I like that d'Artagnan genuinely seems to like Louis, even at the beginning, he seems to get carried along by his enthusiasm.

Oh, there's Aramis. I wondered where he'd gone.

Oh Aramis, you haven't. So much for chivalry and respecting women, eh? (would he have done the same if the nanny had been fugly, I wonder?)

"Is the child guarded night and day?" Not very well, apparently, if a random Musketeer can wander into the Queen's chambers without invitation.

Treville: "Who was the lucky woman this time?"
Aramis: "A Musketeer doesn't kiss and tell."
(assuming Aramis was genuinely off duty, that just made Treville sound *really* jealous XD)

Ah, the return of CSI: Paris. Always my favourite moments.

Athos:"Put your pistol away Aramis. This'll be quicker."
*chucks Porthos axe*
(nothing against d'Artagnan but I do love it being just the three of them working together. And this would be my ideal series, just the musketeers thwarting crime in a sassy manner, none of the tedious romance angst.)




Aramis: "Help us. Or we will help ourselves."
Athos & Porthos: *do menacing face*

Ah, Rochefort realising he's shot himself in the foot by being rude to Constance. She's having none of your shit now mate.

What exactly *is* Milady's position in this gang? What does she do? Is she their valuer/fence, or what?

d'Artagnan: "The leg irons!"
Milady: "No time, just go." aka "No, plenty of time, it's just far funnier watching you trip over each other."

Ok, so I've worked out why the centre section of this felt so tedious, Athos, Porthos and Aramis don't appear for a whole twenty minutes. That's a third of the show. They're the reason I'm watching it. Who thought that was a good idea? (And then there's another ten minutes without them later on. I know this is a d'Artagnan and Louis focussed ep, but really?)

Athos: "We'll search every cove and tributary if we have to."
I'm not convinced this is a great plan. I mean, yes, they found them, but they could equally have missed them. And considering the prisoners were supposed to be loaded at first light, it's well after sunrise by the time they come across them and nobody's going "hang on, should we not be back at the port in case we're heading up the wrong valley?"

Athos: "Your brother's camp." Well, bit effeminate maybe...

I like Milady's gloves. Also, her magpie habits of pinching jewellery, I thought she was going to return that ring to Louis as a way of getting into his good books, but I think she kept it in the end?

Pepin: "If we're going to die, this is how I want it to be, fighting by my king's side." You've changed your tune, you thought he was an arse earlier.

Does Gus remind anyone else of a thin Johhny Vegas? It's very off putting...

Milady: "I was snatched by the gang." Sounds painful.

Is no one going to bother even attempting to tell Louis the rest of Milady's crimes at any point? No? Oh well.

Athos back to immediately getting Porthos off to safety again
I see XD

d'Artagnan: "May I?" *yanks off Athos' scarf*
Entertainingly dramatic, but a bit daft. He'd have been better borrowing one of Aramis' really thick gauntlets, surely... XD

I liked the little moment between Porthos and d'Artagnan when they've been to see the widow. There seemed to be a few more bits between them this ep, when they've seemed to be the two having least to do with each other before. Shows d'Artagnan becoming more one of the group, I guess.

Sooo overall I liked it but it needed to be broken up differently I think. For a show called The Musketeers to have such long stretches without them didn't really work for me, and there were points I was actually getting bored. (I mean don't get me wrong, still the best thing on telly by miles. But more of the boys next week, please.)
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