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Fic - Something In The Air (half an hour later)

This has actually got nothing to do with the aforementioned meme, but I’ve just found this, having completely forgotten I’d written it. It’s a continuation of Something In The Air, which was thinkpink20’s Christmas fic.


The cab pulled up outside Jeremy's flat, and he gave James' fingers a brief squeeze before leaning forwards with his wallet. Turned back again.

"Coming up for a drink?"

James nodded, followed him out. It was only standing on the wet pavement watching the taillights disappear into the drizzle that he wondered if it was a good idea.

Jeremy lead the way into the flat, flicking on lights and shrugging off his jacket. It was at least blessedly warm in here, and James let his own coat join Jeremy's on the back of the chair. They looked strangely intimate, laid there together like that.


James swallowed, feeling drunker then he had any right to given the relatively small amount he'd actually consumed. "Have you got any tea?"

"Tea!" Jeremy laughed at him. "Getting old May."

James smiled, not caring. "You can bring me my pipe and slippers while you're at it if you like."

It was only when Jeremy put a steaming mug on the table in front of him that something occurred to him. "You don’t drink tea."

"So?" Jeremy was stirring a mug of coffee and slopping it over the counter. James winced automatically, even though it wasn’t his kitchen.

"Well - how come you've got some?"

Jeremy looked shifty. "I keep a box in. For you."

James looked at him in silent surprise, and Jeremy looked up. "What? You buy instant coffee for me. What's the difference? Are you the only one that's allowed to be organised?"

James shook his head. "You just still manage to surprise me sometimes with how sweet you can be," he said quietly. "I feel like I've done you a disservice now."

"You'll just have to make it up to me," grinned Jeremy.

James wondered when he’d got so close.

Jeremy looked down into James' eyes, and felt a surge of something unquantifiable. He'd meant that last sentence as a joke, but it hadn’t come out like one, and now, this close, with James looking up at him like this -

"James - do you - "


They came together in a jerky lunge, kissing harder than they had before. Jeremy had his hands in James' hair, was tilting his head back to kiss him as deeply as he could, and James was kissing back with an intense need that Jeremy had never expected.

Jeremy backed him against the wall, let his body press down against James', but it was James who pushed forward with his hips, bringing their groins together. They were both getting rapidly and obviously hard.

Jeremy groaned low in his throat, sounding of despair and hunger and lust. James' arms were locked round his neck by now, his mouth fixed over Jeremy’s, making his entire world narrow to this unexpected, illicitly hot embrace.

They made their way somehow to the sofa, and collapsed upon it still in each others’ arms, kissing fiercely and messily. James sprawled on top of Jeremy, could feel how hard he was through his jeans, rocked against him as they kissed, making him groan again with pleasure.

Eventually they broke apart, recovering their breath, laughing quietly at the insanity of it all.

James sat up, pushing back his hair. His lips were swollen and his face flushed. Jeremy's cock gave a violent throb, and he reached out again for James' hand.

James shook his head. "I should go."

"Why?" Jeremy sat up too, unable to keep a note of disappointment from his voice.

"Because if I stay here any longer we're going to end up doing something monumentally stupid. And because one of us needs to have some sense."

Jeremy leaned forward and kissed him, gently this time, just on the lips.


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