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"Bats, boggarts - bingo! Bingo...?"

I've got a confession to make. I'm starting to genuinely like Demons, as opposed to just being amused by it. Oh dear.

Ohnoes, Weevils are attacking the Hub! the Noisy Boys are attacking the stacks! Erm, if there's no way they can get in why have they gone outside?

I am quite amused by Luke's lack of caring that Giles Galvin has just shot a reasonably harmless ratkin begging for its life.

Ooh, sekkrit lab. Looks like Croup and Vandemar should be along any moment now. I can but hope.

(Engage smug mode: I said Mr Tibbs was in Pirates of the Carribbean and The Husband disagreed. *wins*)

Oh look, a girl in a cage. Not a plant at all, no. Why do people suddenly becoms incredibly dense just because the plot demands it? See also: Ruby incapable of pulling trigger. She hit a bloke in the face with a bottle two episodes ago, why would she suddenly go all wibbly now?

"...with a blind woman, two teenagers and one gun?" - and er, Mina's driver? Nobody ever mentions him! Is he some sort of pacifist LOL

I do like the music in this - especially the theme music. Does anyone know who it is? Yes, I could look it up, but I'm lazy...ETA: "Eyes of the Night" by Starlight Mints. Woo!

LOL OMG a giant bomb what can I do - I know, I'll research bomb disposal in the library. That is so insanely mad it's actually brilliant.

Ah, a touching scene between young Luke and Galvin. (Possibly literally touching - who knows what they were doing under that water *snickers*).

"I do care about you you know." (Internet cookies to the first person who writes the obviously missing 'we're about to die let's have a snog' scene.)

"I hoped it would sound caring rather than creepy."

"You guys really are in the sh- "

Soyes. I think I'm liking it more because every time I think 'that's a bit daft', one of the characters says pretty much just that. I'm even starting not to notice the accent-of-doom (TM). There's no hope for me really is there.
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