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Algy, who had heard that tone of voice before, quivered instinctively in anticipation of the action

rhosyndu - the third Investigator was Bob Andrews. Is that what I said? All I can remember is you laughing at whatever I suggested...

Anyway, on another note, random googling of other teenage-years-books leads me to the discovery of the title "Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel" which trumps anything Biggles can offer, I fancy. Oooh, or "Tom Swift and His Great Oil Gusher". *sporfles*

...OMG, Franklin W Dixon doesn't actually exist. I'm going to stop now before I discover anything else upsetting. Or before I succumb to the temptation of looking for Hardy Boys slash. Or Hal/Roger incest slash. Or... Oh bloody hell I had to look up Nancy Drew didn't I? Carolyn Keene doesn't exist either. Is nothing from my childhood real?

....Frances K. Judd (Kay Tracey books, which I'd forgotten about until I saw the link) apparently isn't real either. I feel sullied and unusual. And not in a good way.

(Incidentally, this is apparently post number 1,001. Why yes, this would have been more relevant had I noticed while posting the last one. Ho hum.)
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