suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

"After all my efforts to restore peace to our tempestuous relationship"

Bad things:
- Appear to be developing cold. Bah. *sneezes miserably*
- Four days left to self-imposed deadline and still no closer to actually plucking up courage. Refusal of it to lose temper in face of severe provocation is not assisting matters. /cryptic

Good things:
- Wine, pringles, dip.
- Unexpected!Ben Shephard on BGMT. Albeit for about ten seconds. Still, it's making me want to write something, which is more than I've been able to for about a month so this is still a good thing. Although as what I will likely write is Piers/Stephen some of you may wish to class this under bad things *sniggers*
- Piers' new book, which I sat down yesterday afternoon to read a couple of pages of, then looked up to discover it was evening and I'd read half of it. The post title incidentally, is him talking about Jeremy...
Tags: ben shephard, britain's got talent, do i really need a stephen mulhern tag?, grrr, piers morgan, shiny things
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