suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

Welcome to the ranks of the differently moralled.

Hmmn. It never occurred to me that people would be disturbed by the idea of the Stig killing someone. It's a Western - people get shot, yes? I'd been more concerned that up till now all the other losing competitors were implausibly still alive. Ho hum.

In other writing news, while sorting out crap in my room I found a copy of The Egyptian Affair I'd printed out ages ago - and I'd completely forgotten I'd written Ardeth into it at the end. He's not named, but it's meant to be him. *sporfles*

My mum's birthday tomorrow, so we spent this afternoon having tea and cakes and strawberries and cream. Om nom nom.

Finally - OMG Top Gear! I know for about the last three series' we've all been 'it can't possibly get any gayer', but this one really seems to be the one where they're acknowledging the slash *howls with laughter*
Tags: cake, fic, random wittering, tgs filter, top gear
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