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Index Post for TG Western Series

As promised...

High Noon
Conception has a problem. And the solution might just be about to ride into town.
Part One : Part Two

Midnight Cowboy
That noise? That's the rustling of cattle.
Part One : Part Two : Part Three

The Great Train Robbery
In which - yeah. There's this train, right...
Part One : Part Two : Part Three

In which James' past catches up with him.
Part One : Part Two : Part Three

Pale Rider
In which Conception is host to a sharpshooting competition.
Part One : Part Two : Part Three : Part Four : Part Five : Part Six : Part Seven : Part Eight : Part Nine : Part Ten

Death Rides A Dark Horse
In which a plague comes to the town of Conception.
Part One : Part Two

In which James is convalescing and Jeremy suggests they go away for a few days

Meg's Tale
Before there was Jeremy, there was Meg... (Het & pre-slash. Prequel set before High Noon)

Coming soon(ish)...

A Fistful Of Dollars
Which has James on the run, and the return of Judge Wilman.
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