suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

"All the ducks are swimming in the water"

Today I have:
- Done two lots of washing to hang out in the lovely weather. Having just hung up the second load, the washing line snapped, meaning I have probably scandalised the old lady in her garden next door by crying "fuck!". Anyway, I tied the end round a tree and it seems to be fine...

- Planted some seeds. I ordered them from a website called Secret Seeds, which amused me for all manner of childish reasons. Anyway, basil, chives, parsely, borage, poppies and mallow. Assuming the cat doesn't scat them all off the windowsills, should be a good crop.

- Cut my hair up round my ears. Well, yes, all of it, not *just* the hair round my ears - you get the picture.

- Had boiled eggs with toast soldiers, then duck pate and cucumber on a toasted bagel, and then a glass of wine in the sun, sitting on a lawn threaded with violets. There are advantages to not getting round to mowing the thing.

- Cleaned the bathroom, done the washing up, and done an arse-load of ironing.

- Got the River Cottage soundtrack CD in the post. Discovered its existence having googled Mad & Distracted who do the theme music and so on. Decided it was too pricy on Play, looked on eBay and found a copy for £2 on a listing that was ending in 60 seconds time. It also contains one of the maddest songs I've heard for a while...
Tags: extreme!gardening, food, oops, random wittering
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