suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

Foyle's War - Killing Time

Ok, so while I wasn't initially all that grabbed by this week's Foyle, by the end I'd been thoroughly suckered in. And how much do I love the fact that despite (predictably enough) Sam was involved in the case via the guesthouse, that Foyle had come to bring her fish completely randomly beforehand? And that she asked him to dinner! *squishes them*

Actually, I must say, despite all the 'shipping, whateverhisnameis doesn't incite the same indignant getawayfromher-itis that Andrew and Milner did; I quite like him. Although not so much that I can remember his name, obviously.

Talking of Milner - wot no Milner? Was quite surprised by that, especially given that new!lackey was asked to contact Brighton police at one point, I sort of assumed that would bring him in. Also quite like the new lackey, despite his vague resemblance to Jimmy Carr.

And Sam and Foyle conspiring at the end? *loves*
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