suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

Ugh, ugh, ugh

Oh cockrabbits, I wrote this entry once already at work, then got interrupted and forgot I hadn't posted it. Anyway.

I bought a juice drink in the hospital shop at lunchtime (yes, it's the high life for me), and thought to myself that it must have been hanging around for a while because they changed the design on the carton about 6 months ago and this was an old style one. Didn't think any more about it until I'd drunk about a third of it, when the vague realisation that it didn't taste quite right/very nice finally fought its way to the front of my brain. So I checked the best-before date. April 2008. Ewwww. Quite glad I stopped drinking it, because when I poured it away, it was roughly the colour of bark.

In other news, in today's installment of Carry On Health Service, I received an invoice for someone to "fist a microphone". Er, I think they meant to say 'fit'...
Tags: oh cock, suzie is easily amused
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