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"Did you just shush me?"

Is it me, or is there something else called "The Hungry Earth"? Or similar? I'm sure it reminds me of something else.*

Ah, the traditional Welsh industrial complex. That's more like it. *sings "will it be maggots" to the tune of "will it be chips"* (Of course, I know jolly well what it will be, thanks to the cover of some damn magazine glimpsed in Sainsburys TELLING me. *growls*)

Oh good, Rory's being less irritating. Now Amy's made up her mind and chosen him I'd quite like them to all settle down and get on with the business of adventuring pls, rather than any more pointless arguing. Also, could Rory pls accept that Amy can make her own decisions and stop blaming the Doctor for letting her get into trouble? Kthksbai.

Saving the world through meals on wheels! Now that's smart, trapping a cold blooded alien, er, sorry, Earth-ian, in a fridge. Although on the other hand the whole surveillance network thing seemed a bit pointless.

Did anyone else half expect Bebop and Rocksteady from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to come out of those transport pods coming up the tunnels? No? Just me then...

Anyway, OMG Alaya is Neve McIntosh! Lady Fuchsia! *hearts*

Gah, it needs to be next week already!

PS you know what this episode needed? (Other than more Amy?) Paul Darrow. *sporfles*

* ETA: "The earth is hungry" - quote from Frontios. Thank you, Google!
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