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Never Mind The Bullocks

Went to the Royal Cornwall Show yesterday, with aquiel9. An excellent time was had (despite having to get up at oh-christ-hundred hours after very little sleep) and the weather was just right, sunny and warm but not too hot, with a bit of a breeze.

We accomplished our usual aim of working our way between foodstalls - burgers, ice creams, chips, more ice creams, hot doughnuts, cherries...oh yeah, and looked at some stuff. We walked round for five hours straight, from what I can remember mostly making bestiality jokes. Well, when there's a blow-up sheep in the Young Farmers' tent, and a stall called "Ladies In Pigs" what do they expect?

Best t-shirt slogan spotted: "Having sex with sheep isn't wrong it's just baaad." *sniggers*

So, photos of cute animals, Y/Y?

Dougal the sheep...


Pimp My Horse:

Nice ass! (because if a joke's worth making, it's worth stealing)

Tiiiiny owl!

Very rare steak

You're my wife now Dave...

An enormous organ

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