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"Once you start picking at the liquorish allsorts, where does it all stop?"

You knew this was coming right? *snickers*

First things first: OMFGSOMUCHLESTRADEYAY. *coughs*

Fabulous, fabulous episode. I spent almost the entire thing clutching my knees and leaning forward at the telly. And occasionally punching the air.

Loved Sherlock shooting a smiley face into the wall. I was really hoping they'd do that bit, although was assuming it would be 'ER'. But then this Sherlock's not what you'd call especially patriotic, so yes, that was hilarious.

Always amusing watching a show and thinking - "that'll become an icon. So will that. And that." *sporfles*

S: "I don't know what's got into the criminal classes. It's a good job I'm not one of them."

J: "A severed head!"
S: "Just tea for me thanks."

Mrs H: "Have you two had a little domestic?"

Aww, Sherlock watching John from the window. "Look at that, Mrs Hudson." *snickers*

Mycroft! "Besides, a case like this, it requires - legwork."

Ah, the Bruce Partington Programme. I know, I know, but every time this gets mentioned I think of Dr Evil and his Alan Parsons Project.

J: "You've got nothing on. Not a single case. That's why the wall took a pounding." Anyone else's mind go elsewhere here? XD

Sherlock on phone: "Of course. How could I refuse." *looks at John* "Lestrade. I've been summoned."
(this may have been the bit where I punched the air LOL)

L: "We've x-rayed it, it's not booby-trapped."
S: "How reassuring."

S: "You read his blog?"
L: "Course I read his blog, we all do. Do you really not know that the Earth goes round the sun?"

J: "Ha-hang on, what's going to happen again?"
S: "BOOM!"

L: "She lives in Cornwall." (I may have ventured the rash opinion at this point that I'd quite happily be tied to a bomb if it meant I got rescued by Lestrade. I'm sure he'd be very - comforting. *snickers*)

Donovan: "You're still hanging round him? Opposites attract I suppose."
I liked her random suggestions that John should take up a hobby heh. And shouting "Fishing" as he walks past later.

Ah, Sherlock and his fake!crying *sporfles*. Such a magnificent bastard.

S: "Now go and arrest them Inspector, that's what you do best." (Well, second best, anyway *nudges*)

S: "I am on fire!"

J: "Has it occurred to you - "
S: "Probably."

J: "Lucky for you Mrs Hudson and I watch far too much telly." Awww! I love the image of the two of them bonding over crappy daytime tv. John would so shout abuse at Diagnosis Murder *g*

S: "Something's wrong with this picture."
L: "Eh?"
...I do love Lestrade's WTF faces a little too much.

S: "Good Samaritan."
L: "Who pressgangs suicide bombers?"
S: "Bad Samaritan."

(this is possibly my favourite exchange of the episode)

The eyes!


The other thing I love too much? Lestrade's constant hands-on-hips pose and the fact that he always seems to be fiddling with his trousers.

John on phone: "Get over here [...] you'll need to pick up some stuff first." *mind goes bye-byes*

"L: "You sure about that? Alright, my office." (Ngh)

J: "Well, I hope you'll be very happy together."
S: "Sorry, what?"

S: "Ah, you're angry with me so you won't help. Not much cop this caring lark."

Sherlock phoning Lestrade and just saying "It's me," makes me ridiculously happy.

L: "So we must assume that some poor bugger's primed to explode, yeah?"

L: "Any ideas?"
S: "Seven. So far."

Heh, matching method of scarf tying love...(sorry serriadh *g*)

L: "But what has this got to do with that painting, I don't see - "
S: "You do see but you just don't observe!"
J: "Yes, alright, girls, calm down."

J: "Fantastic!"
S: "Meretricious."
L: "And a Happy New Year." (Ahaha I missed that the first time round!)

S: "Pointless, you'll never find him. But I know a man who can."
L: "Who?"
S: "Me."

Haha security!guard Sherlock FTW!

J: "So - you scratch their backs and - "
S: "Yes, then I disinfect myself."

Love Lestrade yelling at Sherlock in the gallery when he's poncing about being pleased with himself instead of saving the kid in a timely manner.

Also, Lestrade waving his pen about like a cigarette and then looking surprised that it's a pen. UNF.

God, this series really is a symphony in appalling wallpaper isn't it?

S: "No no no! Of course he's not the boy's father! Look at the turn-ups on his jeans!"
J: "Knew it was dangerous. Getting you into crap telly."

S: "Dear Jim, please will you fix it for me..." ROFL

Still can't get over the fact Moriarty looks like the bastard son of Ant n Dec. I always knew those two were up to something...

J: "I'm glad no-one saw that. You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. People might talk."

Was actually rather relieved by the ending, I was braced for something more, um, explosive, heh.

Given that Sherlock is, I think, posting his messages to Moriarty on his website, presumably it's also being monitored by Mycroft and possibly even Lestrade? So one or both should know he's gone to the pool, right? Yeah. It'll be fiiiine. *sporfles*

I did like the tweet this morning by someone or other along the lines of "If the BBC divert ALL the license fee money into making Sherlock, would it be possible to have some more made by next weekend?"
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