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Fic - Call Me (Waterloo Road)

(Yeah, I know, another one. I'll stop now. XD)

Title: Call Me
Pairings: Josh Stevenson/Finn Sharkey
Rating: PG (boy kissing)
Wordcount: 1,473
Summary: Set after episode 3 of the current series. Josh calls Finn for support, and gets slightly more than he bargained for.
AN: The (canon) story so far in a nutshell: Josh has a boyfriend, Nate. Nate's dad objects to this, and expresses his displeasure by beating the snot out of Josh's dad.


Halfway up the stairs, Josh sat with his knees pulled up to his chest, staring at the phone clutched in his hand like it could offer some comfort. In the living room, his dad slept fitfully on the sofa, and Josh kept sneaking in to check on him. Wondered if he'd ever felt more miserable in his life.

Nate had rushed off, and despite trying to call him there was no answer. Two things to worry about.

But maybe there was someone who he could talk to. If he was still speaking to him, anyway, after getting back together with Nate.

Josh got Finn's number up and bit his lip. Even being yelled at would be an improvement at this point he decided. Just another human voice. He pressed call.

Three rings, and Finn picked up.

"Alright mate?"

He sounded casual but friendly enough and Josh's throat almost closed up in relief.

"Finn," he managed, a quiet croak.

"You alright? Josh?" He could hear the frown in Finn's voice.

"Not really," Josh admitted, sniffing.

"Has that bent bastard done something - " Finn started furiously, and Josh hastily interrupted.

"No! No. It's me dad. He's - been beaten up."

"You what?" Finn sounded startled, and Josh chewed at his lower lip.

"I'm just - all on me own, and - I don't know what to do."

"Where's loverboy then? Thought you were spending the evening with him?" Finn enquired, guardedly aggressive.

"Nate's - gone home," Josh said carefully and Finn snorted.

"Fat lot of good he turned out to be then. Told you he was a wanker. You at home?"


"Be there in ten." Finn hung up, and Josh felt a wave of relief.


He was still huddled on the stairs when the doorbell finally rang, making him jump out of his skin. He hurried down the rest of the steps, as Tom called out warily from the living room.

"Josh? Who is it?"

"It's okay Dad, it's just Finn." Josh pulled open the door and smiled gratefully as Finn pushed his way in looking curious.

"So what happened then?"

Josh shushed him, casting a nervous eye down the hall.

"Not here. Come upstairs, yeah?" he urged in a low voice and Finn shrugged.


Sitting on together on Josh's bed, Finn scrutinised him closely. "So go on then. Spill. Thought you said he was putting the moves on Miss Montoya this evening." He grinned suddenly. "Weren't her, were it?"

Josh sighed, wringing his hands in his lap. "Don't be daft. She brought him back. It happened in the pub."

"At which point Nate pissed off and left you to deal?" Finn sounded rather too pleased at this turn of events, as if they confirmed all his opinions on the matter.

"It were his dad. That did it."

Finn blinked. "Nate's dad beat the shit out of yours?" He sounded faintly admiring, and Josh frowned.

"Yeah. I think Nate went to have it out with him. And now he's not answering his phone and - " Josh looked up, stricken. "What if he's hurt him too?"

"Did you want to go round there?"

Josh looked miserable. "I can't leave me dad."

Finn scowled, then sighed. "Do you want me to go round there?" he offered, grudgingly. Josh stared at him in grateful surprise, but shook his head.

"I'd rather you stayed with me," he admitted guiltily.

Finn smirked. "Told you he were a dead loss."

"Oh shut up." Josh sniffed miserably, and Finn shook his head.

"True though. Said you shoulda stuck with me."

Josh gave an exasperated sigh. "We're still best mates Finn. I told you that."

"Never get to bloody see you though, do I?" Finn folded his arms looking sulky. "What's he got I haven't?"

"Finn you don't want me like that. You made that perfectly clear."

Finn glowered. "I have to kiss you to keep you then, is that what you're saying?"

"No!" Josh gazed at him, willing him to understand.

"Tis though, in't it?" Finn looked sulky, and Josh pushed away the guilty thought that his mouth looked painfully kissable in that pout.

Finn was considering his options. To him, kissing had always pretty much been a means to an end. A preamble to getting his hand down a bra, or to distract a girl from having a go at him, or to avoid having to make conversation. So why not to keep something that was rightfully his? Like Josh's devoted attention.

"Come here then." Finn leaned in and Josh moved back a little, startled.

"Finn? What are you - ?"

"It's what you want, in't it?" Finn moved closer and before Josh could stop him had pressed a quick kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"What? No - "

Josh's words were cut off as Finn kissed him again, harder this time, full on the mouth, and then again.

"Stop it!"

But Finn felt an unexpected flood of almost electrifying power and kissed him again, roughly. Josh's hands were on his shoulders, and he wasn't sure if he was trying to push him off or hang on to him. Maybe Josh didn't know either.

Josh was still protesting weakly in between the increasingly determined kisses. "Finn, we can't - "

And then somehow Finn's tongue was in his mouth and Josh's world went a little fuzzy. His fingers clawed into Finn's jumper and he had a second's worry that if he kissed back Finn would be disgusted and pull away. But it was instinctive and he couldn't help himself, he'd wanted this, fantasised about this for so long -

He pressed closer, kissing back, and Finn didn't pull away.

It was very different from kissing Nate. Finn was much more forceful, he almost kissed like he was fighting, determined and confident. It crossed Josh's mind that Finn had probably had a lot more practice at this.

Eventually they wrenched apart and Josh bent forward over his lap with a groan, breathing like he'd just run a marathon.

Finn wiped the saliva from his lips absent mindedly and stared at him. When Josh didn't sit up, he frowned.

"D' I hurt you?"

"No." Josh swallowed breathlessly and sat up. "Um. Kinda the opposite really."

Finn's gaze dropped to Josh's lap and he recoiled with a yell.

"Ugh, put it away you fucking bender."

"Sorry." Josh was laughing, flushed with defiant embarrassment, hastily covering the incriminating bulge in his trousers with both hands.

Finn threw him a look, unreadable. "Guess you really are bent then," he muttered.

"Guess so," Josh smiled tentatively, still not sure that Finn wasn't going to turn this into a fight. But Finn just gave a short laugh.

"So am I a better kisser than him then?"

"Yeah." The word was out before Josh could stop to consider how unwise it might be, but on the plus side Finn could hardly use it against Nate without confessing that he'd kissed him in the first place. And that wasn't likely to happen, he had few doubts about that.

Finn looked smug. "Correct answer." He lounged back on the bed, making himself at home. "So does this mean you'll drop girly Gurney?"

Josh looked exasperated. "Finn! Even I'm not daft enough to think you really want this."

Finn shrugged. "Willing to put up with the occasional snog if it means I get to keep me mate." He smirked. "Weren't all that bad. Must be cos you've got a girly mouth."

"Piss off." Josh lay down beside him, propped up on his elbow. "You don't though, do you. Want me?" he persisted.

"Does it matter?"

"Of course it bloody matters!"

Finn sniggered. "You're shit at negotiation, you. You could have had everything you wanted."

Josh picked at the duvet cover. "If you'd've been doing something you didn't like it wouldn't have been what I wanted."

"Must be a very boring life, one with morals," Finn observed archly.

"Maybe you should try it some time," Josh retorted.

"No, ta. Think I'll stick as I am if it's all the same." He nudged Josh, grinning. "Wouldn't want to change me would ya?"

Josh gave in and laughed. "Would if I thought there was half a chance of a refund."

"Wounded mate. Wounded." Finn clutched his hands to his chest and cackled.

The sound of Josh's phone going off in his pocket made them both jump, and Josh laughed nervously, dragging it out with fumbling fingers. They both looked at the display.


Josh glanced up, hesitant, and Finn rolled his eyes. "Go on then, answer it you wanker." Flung himself backwards on the bed and tucked his arms behind his head. "Wake me up when the emo gets too much and you want a decent conversation."

Josh grinned, and leaned back against Finn's legs. Answered the call.

Tags: fic, slash, waterloo road (no really)
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