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Fic - Josh & Finn (Don't) Watch A Porno [Waterloo Road]

There are a lot of things I am currently supposed to be writing. This wasn't one of them.

Title: Josh & Finn (Don't) Watch A Porno
Pairings: Josh Stevenson/Finn Sharkey
Rating: PG (swearing, boy-kissing)
Wordcount: 1,631
Summary: In which Finn attempts to convince Josh to watch a filthy film with him and they make a discovery about exactly what Bex Fisher has been up to these past two years.
AN: No spoilers, only speculation on my part hah.


As the credits rolled, Josh scrabbled for the shards at the bottom of the Pringles tin and Finn reached for the remote.

"Wanna watch something else?"

Josh yawned. "Yeah, okay. What you got?"

Finn held up a plain black dvd case and waggled it triumphantly. "This."

"What is it?" Josh eyed it suspiciously. "Not the most legit looking thing I've ever seen. I am not watching another bloody bootleg where all you can see is people's heads as they go to the loo."

"Nah, this is quality this." Finn slid off the sofa and switched the discs. Josh threw a cushion at his head.

"But what is it?"

"It's a porno, in't it."

"You what?" Josh stared at him, startled.

"Oh come on, don't tell me you've never?" Finn threw himself back down next to Josh and smirked at him.

"I - no, actually."

Finn's smirk developed into a snigger and Josh glared at him. "Because I don't want to, alright?"

"Don't be such a pussy." Finn picked up the remote and Josh grabbed his wrist.

"Look, I said no, okay?" He got up and reached for his coat.

Finn frowned. "Where you going?"


"Aw, come on mate! It's just a bit of harmless fun."

Josh gingerly sat back down on the edge of the sofa, coat half on. Gestured awkwardly. "Why would you even want to?" Finn gave him a look that said he was clearly deficient, and Josh sighed. "With me I mean."

"Cos you're me mate. What's wrong wi' that?"

"You want to watch a porn film with me? You don't think that's a bit - "


"Well..." It was Josh's turn to smirk. "Gay."

"Fuck off!" Finn made a face. "I wanna watch the bird, not you, don't I?"

"Well - I'm not exactly going to want to watch her am I?"

Finn rolled his eyes. "Well you can watch the bloke then can't you? It's not like I bought lezza porn." He grinned. "See? Don't say I never think of you." He tugged the hood of Josh's coat. "Go on, sit down you poof."

Josh gave in, slumping back on the seat reluctantly. Finn, having got his way, settled back with a smug smile and pressed play.

They watched with varying degrees of attention as a man in a dinner jacket wandered aimlessly about a hotel room. When there was a knock at the door and a female voice called out 'room service' Finn sat up slightly more attentively and muttered "Here we go".

Josh sighed, and let his attention wander, sitting partly sideways against the sofa arm where he could idly watch Finn as much as the screen.

"Hello baby," Finn muttered, and Josh looked up. A pair of legs in fishnets and a very short approximation of a chambermaid's outfit was walking across the screen.

As the camera panned up lingeringly over her chest, Finn made an appreciative noise that Josh suspected was mostly for his benefit, and then finally, almost as an afterthought, it came to rest on her face.

They stared.

Josh was the first to say what they were both thinking.

"She looks just like - "

The girl on the screen spoke for the first time and he tailed off. Finn blinked.

"That don't just look like. That bloody is! Bex Fisher!" He stared in rapt amazement. "It is!"

The screen abruptly went dark and he looked round, startled, to find Josh holding the remote.

"What you do that for?"

"We can't watch this!" Josh objected, shaking his head.

"Course we can. Give it 'ere."

"No! Finn - "

"What? Oh, fine, bugger off then if you're not up for it."

"No! Finn, you're not watching this either. You can't. Promise me!"

"Why do you care? You hardly know her, like?"

"That's not the point. Promise me!" Josh glared at him and Finn glared back.

"I bloody paid for that I did."

"How much?"

"What? Tenner, off Ronan. Why?"

Josh scrabbled for his wallet and pulled out a ten pound note. "Here."

Finn eyed it in disbelief. "You what?"

"Take it. Just don't watch it."

Finn shrugged, and snatched the note from Josh's fingers, stuffing it carelessly into his pocket.

"How am I supposed to get off now then?" he complained.

Josh made an exasperated noise. "I'm sure you'll think of something."

"Sure I can think of a lot of things." Finn grinned lazily. Something occurred to him, and he stared at Josh consideringly. "What do you think of?"

"What?" Josh looked away awkwardly and Finn laughed.

"No, I wanna know. I'm - interested, say."

"Nosy you mean."

"Whatever. What do you think of?" Finn smirked. "Do you think of girly Gurney?"

Josh threw him a look and went back to staring at his hands.

"Can't imagine anyone wanting to wank to the likes of him."


"Well then. Go on. Is it 'im? Or someone better?" Finn was on his knees now, looming over Josh, making him lean backwards.

"Give over."

"Maybe you think of me?" Finn murmured, too close for comfort and Josh flushed. "Fucking 'ell. You don't do you?"

"No. Course not."

"Huh. Why not?"

Josh looked up and Finn snickered. "You never know when I'm yanking your chain do you?"

"I just assume it's all the bloody time," Josh snapped.

Finn shrugged. "So do you?"

"No." Josh sighed. "Not any more, anyway," he added quietly, with a sudden streak of devilry. But Finn looked more affronted than horrified.

"What? Been replaced have I?"

"You mean since you made it epically clear you weren't interested? Yeah. I'm not a sodding masochist."

"Fickle." Finn sat back and they eyed each other warily, both conscious of teetering on the thin line between teasing and actual fighting.

"I should go." Josh was conscious the longer he held Finn's rather intense gaze, the harder it was getting for him to breathe normally.

"No." An instruction, not a request.

"So - what? We just sit here and stare at each other? Great way to spend an evening."

Finn moved in again, and Josh tried unsuccessfully not to flinch.

"Are you scared of me?" Finn asked curiously, watching him with unblinking attention.

"No, fuck off!" Not entirely sure it was the truth.

"Maybe you should be," Finn murmured, leaning closer, studying the way Josh licked his lips nervously, the way his eyes widened.

"Finn - "

Braced for a blow, it came as almost more of a shock when it was Finn's mouth that met his, roughly possessive, gone again almost before it registered.

Josh stared, and pleased with the reaction, Finn promptly did it again, harder this time.

"We - we can't - " Josh stammered.

"Why not?"

"Why are you doing this?" It was almost a wail of frustration and disbelief.

"Maybe I like you?" Finn suggested, hard glint in his eye that wasn't amusement but wasn't quite anger either.

"You don't though do you? Not like that. You're just - " the accusation dried in his throat, but Finn wasn't about to let it drop.


"Trying to split us up," Josh muttered. "It won't work, Finn. I like him. Really like him," he repeated, more defiantly.

Finn's sulky look hardened into determination and he pushed Josh back against the arm of the sofa, kissing him with a fierce and unthinking aggression.

He was noticing that however strongly Josh might object in theory, so far he'd never fought back against these advances. Finn made a mental note to remember this technique as a method of winning arguments in future.

When he finally released Josh's mouth, lips reddened and swollen, Josh closed his eyes and rested his head against Finn's shoulder.

"You bastard," he said quietly.

"Tell me you don't like it." Finn replied, just as quietly, but with a hard, triumphant satisfaction in his voice.

"Finn - don't tell Nate?"

"Would I?"

Josh groaned, and let his head fall back against the sofa. Took a deep breath and heaved himself to his feet.

"Right. I am going now. Unless you feel like making good on your cockteasing?"

"Fuck off. I ain't going that far."

Josh couldn't stop his involuntary smile, oddly relieved.

"Fine. See you then."

"Yeah, bye mate." Finn listened to the door close behind him and sighed. He felt restlessly unsatisfied, and wasn't sure why. Josh-baiting was usually a pleasing enough end in itself.

His gaze fell on the remote, lying by his feet.


"Morning lovebirds!"

Appearing behind them in the throng making their way through the school gates, Josh turned and smiled as Finn draped his arms round both his shoulders and Nate's.

Nate though just scowled and shrugged him off. Finn made kissy noises at him and he curled his lip.

"See you in class, yeah?" he said to Josh, and sped up irritably.

"He hates me," said Finn happily.

"That's cos you're an arse," Josh replied, and Finn sniggered.


Josh looked at the crumpled ten pound note he was being offered. "What's this?"

"Yours, innit?"

Josh took it, sighing. "You watched it, didn't you?"

"Might've." Finn winked. "Anyway, reckoned you might as well have it back. Reckon I can make a lot more than that for keeping me gob shut, don't you think?" He stared across the carpark consideringly at where the Fishers were getting out of their car.

Josh stared at him, horrified. "You're talking about blackmail!"

"Dirty word that. But then, she ain't the only person in the immediate vicinity would like me to keep quiet about something, is she?"

Finn squeezed his arm slightly harder than necessary, and sauntered off on an intercept course.

Josh looked up to see Nate watching from the steps, waiting for him, and groaned inwardly. Summoned up a smile and somehow kept walking.

Tags: fic, slash, waterloo road (no really)
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