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Fic - Unscripted (Waterloo Road RPS)

Title: Unscripted
Pairings: Will Rush/Scott Haining
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,190
Summary: When Will suggests rehearsing for an on-screen kiss between Josh and Nate, Scott is oddly reluctant.
AN: For rionaleonhart. Not that I'm easily suggestible or anything...


"So, you wanna practice, or what?"

Scott looked up, startled, from where he'd been sitting in a corner of the catering trailer trying not to identify the meat in today's attempt at stew. Will had dropped into the seat opposite, grinning.

"You what?"

"Practice. You know. Josh and Nate's big moment." He pursed his lips making a loud kissing noise, and Scott flinched, looking round to see who was listening.

"But - we don't. I mean, they don't. We haven't - they've always had us interrupted," he stammered slightly in confusion. He swallowed, trying to look less flustered and hoping that Will hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary. "All for comedy effect, and all that bollocks."

"Well, just goes to show what you know." Will propped his feet up on the next chair and looked smug. "Been talking to the script editor haven't I? Gave me a sneak peek. Trust me, next episode, we're getting it on."

"Why would they tell you? Nobody gets to know what happens till they give the scripts out."

"Guess I'm just special then." Will propped his chin on his hand and smiled across the table teasingly. Scott found it abruptly harder to breathe properly.

"You're just winding me up," he managed, trying to sound dismissive.

"Seriously. Equal opportunities and all that. I mean think about it, if you were a girl they'd have had us at it every episode." He frowned. "Well, if I wasn't - you get my point, anyway."

"Yeah. S'pose you're right," Scott muttered, then looked up indignantly. "Hang on, why am I the girl in this scenario?"

"Cos you'd look good in a dress? I dunno." Will laughed and stood up again, scraping the chair back. "So are you coming or what?"

Scott looked down at his half-finished plate and found he'd completely lost his appetite. "Yeah. Yeah, okay."

He followed Will down the steps and out into the sunshine, grateful for the cooler air on his face, convinced he must be blushing like crazy and furious with himself for it.

They wandered slowly round the back of the nearest buildings, making a beeline for an empty bench in unspoken agreement.

Scott picked nervously at the strap of his bag, hoping against hope Will wouldn't raise the subject again, now he'd started rambling about football. Once they were sitting down though, Will rested his arm along the back of the bench and raised his eyebrows.

"So - we should probably - you know."

Scott looked away. "Why now? I mean it might not be for ages."

Will shrugged. "On the other hand, could be the first thing they do. All shot out of sequence after all." He eyed Scott consideringly. "Don't want to come across all awkward and stuff when we do it in front of the others, is all I was thinking."

"Yeah. Yeah, course." Scott was still avoiding his gaze, and Will made an impatient gesture.

"Look if you don't want to - fine. Flamin' hell, Jack didn't make this much fuss."

"Yeah well that wasn't exactly a full on snog was it - " Scott did look up then, experiencing a spike of unlooked for jealousy. "Hang on, you and Jack - practised?"

"I think you'll find the word is rehearsed." Will propped his arms behind his head and closed his eyes, enjoying the sun on his face, legs splayed out in front of him. Watching Scott watching him, from beneath his eyelashes.

"It's not that I - I haven't got a problem with it or anything," Scott blurted, uncomfortably.

"Didn't say you did," Will replied mildly, eyes still apparently firmly shut. "It's just acting."

"I know that!" Scott's vehement response was entirely out of proportion to the comment and Will looked at him, amused.

"Calm down mate."

"Oh for fuck's sake!" Scott leaned forward with his head in his hands, elbows on his knees.

"Look, if - you really don't want to, if it squicks you that much - " Will sighed. "Then all the more reason to come up with something that looks convincing that isn't actually a kiss as such?" he offered.

Scott sat up, met his gaze unwillingly. Shook his head.

"I don't have a problem with kissing you," he said quietly.

"Well - good. That's all right then. Isn't it?"

"Yeah. Yeah." Scott sighed. Realised Will was looking at him expectantly. "What?"

"Come on then. You're supposed to kiss me. I'm the inexperienced one, remember?" Will looked like he was trying not to laugh, and Scott glared at him.

"Fine." He shifted awkwardly closer on the bench and Will turned to face him, the teasing look gone from his face.

Scott licked his lips, telling himself that this was strictly business, that he was perfectly capable of staying professional about it. To concentrate on the fact that it was Nate kissing Josh, and in no way shape or form was it Scott kissing Will. At all.

Oh God, he was going to kiss Will.

Will was still watching him, patiently, and Scott took a deep breath and leaned in. Will's lips were warm and soft under his and he closed his eyes without thinking about it. Felt Will's hand come to rest at the back of his head, gentle, tentative. Flash of tongue against his, and somehow now they were really kissing, and Will's hands were pulling him closer, and all he could think about was how he never wanted this to stop.

When they finally pulled apart, breathing rather unsteadily, he gave Will a shaky smile.

"Bloody hell, they broadcast that they'll have to put us on at midnight," he joked, trying to put things back on track, while knowing with a sinking heart that there was no way he hadn't just given away his true feelings.

Will was smiling back, although looking less sure of himself than he had all day. "They should give you an Oscar," he laughed, biting his lip.

Scott found he suddenly couldn't bear the thought of Will imagining that it had all been faked.

"I - wasn't acting," he confessed in a low voice, braced for scorn or laughter; for rejection in some form at least. But Will slid a hand over his, and shook his head slowly.

"Neither was I."

Scott stared at him, taken aback. "You - ?"

"Yeah." Will laughed, quietly. "I - kinda like you. If - that's okay?"

Scott nodded, a disbelieving smile spreading slowly across his face. "So - " he held Will's gaze and they grinned at each other. "We should - probably practice some more, right?"

"Until this is the most convincing scene ever," Will agreed, laughing, already leaning in for the rematch.


When the new scripts were handed out, Scott took himself off to a corner of the rehearsal room and sat flicking through it with increasing consternation.

"Mornin' mate."

Scott hadn't heard Will's approach, and jumped slightly. Looked up into his grinning face, feeling bewildered.

"There's - no kiss in here."

"Is there not?" Will threw himself down into the next seat and leaned over to kiss him, smirking. "Guess I lied then."

Tags: fic, slash, waterloo road (no really)
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