suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

"I won't touch yours, it's okay."

Have just watched Adam Lambert's Glam Nation tour dvd. Have some inconsequential observations:

~ The lyric "the voodoo that you do" will never not make me go "you remind me of the babe".

~ Monte Pittman is an incredible guitarist.

~ However much the others make me bounce round the living room (shut up, no one can see me okay?) I think I have confirmed that Sleepwalker is my favourite song.

~ I would bang Adam Lambert like a screen door in a hurricane.

~ I want Tommy Joe Ratliff's babies. (And I don't even want babies).

~ I currently have the biggest grin on my face. (I am only slightly drunk). I need to see Adam live. And Tommy Joe naked. But I'd settle for either.
Tags: adam lambert, tommy joe ratliff
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