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Three things make a post.

Anyone read The Nightwatch? (As in, Sarah Waters, not Terry Pratchett). Any good? No, wrong question, I know it'll be good, I suppose I'm just wondering whether I'll enjoy it. I've owned it ever since it came out, but despite picking it up a couple of times the first few pages have thus far never grabbed me enough to keep reading. And now they've gone and dramatised it, and I sort of feel I should read it first. I dunno, it just sounds a bit - depressing? (Basically just tell me if it has a happy ending, yes?). I like her others, if that helps.

Torchwood on Thursday! Didn't realise it was ten parts, thought it would just be a couple. Surely that's enough episodes to kill off Rhys this time? Pleeeease? /unpopularopinions

Someone in the book I'm reading was just described as having a 'crisis'. I had a real WTF moment before I remembered that it was a term Jeremy had lifted from literature in the first place (Lady Chatterly, wasn't it?). Still, I boggled, haha.
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