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"Yes mum, I'm feeding her lard."

So, Torchwood then. This is largely a list of things I would have tweeted but didn't want to be spoilery.

"She should have run faster." ...I snorted wine. Because I am a Bad Person.

So...Gwen appears to have gone to live on Craggy Island?

Ah, Rhys is still a cunt. Jolly good.

Are these American people reporters or CIA? I haven't figured it out yet. Also why is Amanda Holden in this?

Grab the girl and dive out of a window into a fountain? Is Jack related to Ford Prefect?

"God knows who it was." Same email sent to everyone at the same time? Sherlock, presumably.

Ah, CIA, thank you. No, I'm not confused.

Ewwww! Minging! Crispy critter! XD

"Owen Harper, FBI." Heh.

...I really want the detached head to turn and go - "You cunts!"

Rhys I'm really not sure carrying your baby by the neck is an accepted method.

Oh for fuck's sake he's still yelling at her. Can someone please kill the bastard now? Pleeeease? Before I'm forced to punch through the telly? Aaaand now she's giving in. I really am the only person who sees this as a horribly abusive and controlling relationship aren't I?

"I had a pole through my chest. And I had to pay for this bridge." LMAO.

Ohai Gwen. Nice bazooka(s).

Well that was - bitty? But largely entertaining. Not entirely sure how they're going to stretch it over ten episodes though.
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