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X Factor recap

Right, well having now caught up on the X Factor, here's what I would have inflicted on Twitter had I been here...

Ooh, M&S advert. Bye-bye Frankie, Johnny and The Risk. Hello cutting room floor.

(Oh my God why is ITV-player so shit? It's blurry and not quite in sync. And it won't let me skip forward or back.)

Hahaha oh Dermot. Don't give up the day job.

Ugh, if Hat-boy or Jug-ears come back I shall throw things at the telly laptop.

Why is Kelly in drag? She looks like Cat from Red Dwarf.

Louis voting for Amelia haha. Poor Jonjo.

Awww Frankie. *squishes*

Operation Kitty? Is she being spayed?

Well if Kitty doesn't get through she can always open up an S&M dungeon.

Craig's only been singing for ten seconds and I'm already falling asleep.

"We want people to know this is what your record will sound like." Well I'm not buying it then Gary.

URGH, of all the Christmas adverts I've seen so far, the Littlewoods one is the most sickening.

Aww Frankie's reaction at The Risk going out! (ok, I'll stop with the Aww Frankies now. Maybe.)

I can't hear Telephone without picturing Sherlock dancing in a stairwell.

Okay, Little Mix are good again this week. Wish they'd stop dressing them like a bag of fucking pick n mix though.

WTF was Kelly wearing in Janet's VT? Looked like something she'd stolen from the floor of a barbarian's cave.

Interesting lighting effect behind that skirt. Hellooo Janet's legs.

I do like Janet's voice but can't help thinking that song would have benefited from an up-tempo section at least.

Marcus: "I like horn sections." *sniggers* #cheapjoke

M'kay... Marcus is kind've the one I want to win, but I'm really not sure this arrangement works.

Interesting costume choice for Misha. Looks like she's about to sprout wings and turn into a cockroach.

Not Misha's strongest performance by a long way. Should have let Kitty sing that after all.

Er. Were these judges listening to the same performance I was?

So. Who's coming back then. (And I realise this is a pointless question at midday on Sunday.) For the record, I voted for Amelia.

Hah! Go Amelia! #notahugesurprise

I'm slightly disappointed they didn't get all four out on stage and make a full result reveal out of it though. #cheated

Holy cow. And Kelly got rid of her instead of the awful Sophie. Definitely the performance of the night.

Right. Suppose I'd better get up then really. I'll save the Xtra Factor for later!

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