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In an experimental mood, I put a couple of my 1D fics up on AO3 yesterday (the latest one, and a rentboy-Harry one from ages ago). Within an hour they'd got more hits than some of the other fics I've had up there for a year! Oh, the joys of a large fandom LOL.

I can certainly see the appeal of AO3, getting hits and kudos and bookmarks is much more satisfying than LJ where suzie_fic might have *coughs* over 10,000 members, but of those I have no idea if anyone's actually read a particular fic. And other than my darlingest darlings who comment on nearly all of them (♥), they don't get a huge number of comments. (I'm terrible at commenting myself, I never know what to say past a brainless flail, so I'm not complaining, but this is where a hit counter and the option of leaving kudos is so great for a shy fandom haha).

I'm not abandoning LJ, but I might start cross-posting to AO3 as well. Something else I've been considering for a while is unlocking the fics on suzie_fic. (I'll have to change them all individually which is a pain, unless I fork out for another paid account, which ain't gonna happen. Although that would give me page stats as I'll probably leave the more dubious ones (underage and dub/non-con) locked though. I've always been a bit wary of posting RPF unlocked at all, but there's so *much* 1D fic out there now I reckon I'd be safely buried and anonymous. Any thoughts?
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