suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

"He showed up naked. Covered in bees."

Just finished season 7 of Supernatural. To discover season 8's not released until next month, and then will be hellish expensive, because hello, new release. Balls.

Why did Dick put so much effort and expense into unearthing a tablet that contained the only instructions on Earth as to how to kill him? Was that ever explained? Given that no-one knew it existed until he dug it up? Based on his excited anticipation when he first thought he'd got it, he surely must have expected it to be more use to him in some practical way? Did I miss something?

It seems to have snuck up on us, but I see there's a new Terry Pratchett out in November - Raising Steam. And it's a Moist von Lipwig book! I am excite. And have already pre-ordered, along with The Magus of Hay, Phil Rickman's new Merrily Watkins book. It's been two years, I'm getting Merrily withdrawal. (I can has paycheck now? Um.)
Tags: books, supernatural
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