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Atlantis episode 2, or, Jason Violates the Lady-Temple. Wow, what a pile of sexist shit-bag crap that episode was. I'm not normally that bothered by it (or at least far less likely to get worked up about it than 90% of the internet), but really? Assaulting a woman by hitting her over the head, flinging her over your shoulder and marching her back to Daddy against her will? To a man you've only just met and have no concept of her reasons for leaving him in the first place, I might add? Trying to take her away from a position of power as a priestess back to a crappy job slaving in the palace kitchens? How is that an improvement on her lot, even if you do think she's been brainwashed?

And when did Jason become such a blithe killer? He's supposed to be an average guy (mysterious background notwithstanding) from 21st century here remember. Killing a big scary cow-monster coming atcha I can understand, but suddenly a week later he's trying to kill a bunch of women - because they object to him violating their temple and kidnapping one of their members? Yeah. Nice work shitbag.

(The lesson you should take from this is if you are a maenad, learn to use a crossbow, because then you could have shot him from a distance like I was hoping, when your monkey-satyrs (also, what?) refuse to lamp him).

All of which is a shame, because I *do* like the central three characters, and they do frequently make me laugh, and with a different writer it could have been a much better episode. Although maybe I'm hoping for too much, and should remember that I never liked Merlin, and just give up early. Guess I'll give it another episode and see if it gets any better.

Agents of SHIELD on the other hand, I'm loving. Particularly Melinda May. Well, all of them really, the only one I'm not especially feeling it for is Agent Coulson, who seems to be some kind of fandom sacred-cow, but comes across as a bit of a smug douche-bag. Maybe it's because I haven't seen the films. Should I see the films? What are the films? Avengers Assemble, I'm guessing, but there seem to be others, and I don't know if it will make sense if I've not seen the rest? Advise me, internet!

Strictly: How wrong is it to ship not just Craig/Bruno, but the entire judging panel together? Ahem.

So who are we liking? I voted (free internet votes, hurrah!) for Rachel (because Pasha, and also because I thought the criticism was oddly harsh for what was a very competent dance), for Abbey, because she's probably the best, and for Deborah because I like her and she seems to be having a whale of a time and I'd like her to stay in for at least a while.

I'm guessing it'll probably be Tony Jacklin to go first?
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