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"Greek legends [...] are about to get a kick up the Artemis."

Hah, I have just discovered there is an article on Atlantis in the November SFX.

Exec. Producer Johnny Capps (do you think he shouts a lot?): " some Ancient Greek Men Behaving Badly [they] are sharing a house in downtown Atlantis. We always think of them as the Greek A Team, they are the go-to guys in Atlantis when people have a problem. And part of the show is the bromance between these three guys who will do anything for each other."

ETA: I've been re-watching episode one (yeah yeah, shut up, I'm ill). Some random thoughts:

- I'd forgotten the fact Jason beat the lizard (ahem) to death, that felt rather unnecessary.

- On first watching I thought the oracle had cocked up the prediction about Hercules being picked, but I've just realised he says she saw it was his destiny to go to the labyrinth, rather than him being selected in the morning.

- If you think Poseidon's going to punish you if you don't send sacrifices to the minotaur, by the same logic surely you'd assume he'll be pissed off when someone actually *kills* the minotaur? Also is it me, or is it massively slack to let your selected seven wander off for the rest of the day before the trip to the labyrinth without so much as taking their names, if anyone can then show up with a black stone and say they were picked?

- Hercules gives the sleeping Pythagoras a very lingering, regretful look just before he does his midnight flit...

- "I can think of no two finer people with whom I would wish to spend my last supper." Is Pythagoras going to make a 'last moments' speech every episode? Because that would be mildly hilarious and it's 2 for 2 so far...


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