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"That is not fear, it's a masculine musk. A natural aphrodisiac."

I liked the fact the three of them spent pretty much the whole ep together, although bit harsh on poor old Pythagoras, who didn't actually do anything wrong at any point. He didn't even complain!


Hercules speaking up to defend Jason when he was about to get the chop in the throne room was very brave, knowing he might have immediately got the same treatment. <3

(I'd like to see more 'downtime' between the three of them - there must be more to H & P's apparently immediate and unconditional devotion to Jason than just him performing a few heroics, I'd have liked to see more of that friendship developing? How much time has passed since Jason arrived? I know it's the point of the show, but they seemed to all become BFFs remarkably quickly. I dunno.)


Is it me, or was the Nubian chap called Chewbacca? (oh, ok, I've looked it up, Shabaka LOL)

Hercules: "Ah, well, that's because you are a fool with no knowledge of women."
Pythagoras: *shrugs, nods*



Oh Medusa, I like you but I wish you'd close your mouth occasionally, you're going to swalllow a fly. (When did she get a job in the palace? did she just waltz up and say "ohai I hear you've got a vacancy, Demetria's a maenad now?")


I'm amused by the fact that Jason's approach to facing the bull is to remove his *protective leather chest armour* and get his nips out. I suppose it would make him marginally lighter, but faced with getting the pointy end of a horn (fnar), I think I'd have kept it on...



I like the way Hercules acknowledges the spectators as they walk out into the arena. He's certainly a man who knows how to work a crowd to his advantage and not afraid of an audience.

Pasiphae appears to have given Jason period cramps...

(That's it Jason, grab his arse)

The way Hercules holds his arms out and hugs Pythagoras after he leaps the bull is adorable!

King Minos - bit inconsistent? From "Raargh! I'm going to kill you right now!!" - to "Ooh *round of applause* you all did very well, you're all free!"


Anyway, I think I liked that episode the best of the three so far.
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