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Cake or death? No, sorry, wait, Jewels or pain?

Not really sure what to say about that ep, I found it mostly massively boring. I can't bring myself to give a toss about any of the palace-based machinations and there wasn't nearly enough OT3 interaction - although I do appreciate their complete inability to go anywhere without each other; that even after Corinna (?) had asked to speak to Jason in private, he'd clearly been "hey, c'mon guys, sekkrit mission Y/Y?"

Heptarian needs to become much more interesting to be a decent baddie, so far he's just Pasiphae's puppet. Be moar scheming, Heptarian. Also, why did you run after/accost the woman you were supposed to be sneakily following to a hideout? Because if that had in fact still been Ariadne, your cover would have been a teensy bit blown, yes?

Talking of grabbing people, was it really necessary for chappie at the beginning to grab Ariadne like that? Couldn't he have just gone "psst!"? I think I'd like her more if she'd kneed him in the cock for that.

M: "Hercules told me his beetle has never lost a race?"
P: "It's never actually been in a race though, has it?"

I kind've like that Pythagoras' reaction to being told Hercules has just gambled his hidden cash on a beetle race isn't to be massively angry at Hercules, but to just become suddenly hugely invested and excited about the race *g*


Was that supposed to be (say) Pythagoras' tunic Ariadne put on, or do the boys just have women's clothing hanging around the house? Because I'm quite happy to assume they have cross-dressing weekends.

Hmmn. Episode 2, Jason is all in favour of rendering a woman unconscious and carrying her off against her will because it's supposedly for her own good. Now, when it's Ariadne, suddenly he's all "ooh no, you can't do that without her permission!". Is that supposed to be Jason growing as a person (I suspect not), or just inconsistent/lazy writing (probably)?

The best parts this week were definitely the Pythagoras/Hercules moments, and I did like that the beetle made it through unscathed (also HOW big was that spider supposed to be, judging by the crunch? *shudders*).


Oh, and I was hugely amused by the fact it was Hercules rather than Jason who took his shirt off this week :D

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