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So Caitlin Moran posted this article earlier which is quite interesting (for a given definition of interesting that translates as 'mostly pointless' anyway). It's about the top Twitter accounts, ranked by ~influence rather than follower numbers. Doesn't actually specify what 'influence' means, guess it's a combination of retweets, favourites and interactions?

It's British tweeters only, (would be interesting to see worldwide trends) but 1D are holding the top five spots, heh.

Amused that Eleanor's higher than members of The Wanted, and that Harry's mum's more influential than Russell Brand.

Surprised that Neil Gaiman and Cher Lloyd are level pegging (also with Nigel Farage, LOL). Also that Frankie Cocozza is higher than Jonathan Ross. And that Charlie Brooker's all the way down at 121 (I guess he doesn't tweet much these days, but then neither does Zayn and he's 5th...)

Hmmn, Piers Morgan 8th and Jeremy Clarkson 38th, there's an argument that's not going away any time soon *sniggers*
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