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Atlantis Episode 6, in which Hercules falls prey to a hambush.

So ignoring the skeevier elements of the plot, this was my favourite episode to date.
I mean, when it starts with Pythagoras oiling up Hercules, you know it's going to be good, right?


That's it Pythagoras, lower...

Aww, they're so concerned about poor battered Hercules!

"I strangled a snake with my bare hands." *sniggers inappropriately*

"I had hoped she would be a passing fancy. Like Drina the cook, or Iola the tailor's wife - or Abelone the trainee guard. Don't ask." Did they just quietly make Hercules canonically bisexual there? \o/

Also, Jason/Pythagoras moonlit heart-to-hearts! ♥
007 008

P: "As much as I love him" ♥

I like the fact that Hercules immediately makes it plain he's overheard them, none of your crappy angsty festering.

"Once open, make sure you're the first person your love sees." Hear that? That's the distant sound of 101 fanfics being written where Jason or Pythagoras ends up accidentally in love due to the siren jar.


Ooh, six episodes in and Jason's finally got his own bed.


P: "Does this mean we're forgiven?"
H: "Hmmn. Cheese would have sealed the deal."

Yay, Korinna! I decided during this episode that Korinna's actually my favourite female character in this. She just quietly and competently gets on with whatever's asked of her, whilst surrounded by lunatics. And then I noticed her name in the credits and looked her up, and fuck me she's Gemma Arterton's sister. Now there's a sibling sandwich I wouldn't mind being in the middle of...

Oh God, Pythagoras sniffing Hercules' armpit. He *really* gets in there XD

"Thyme...lemon? And a hint of lavender." I like the fact Pythagoras is basically a one-man CSI Atlantis.


20 mins: *shirtless Jason klaxon*

How does it take Jason and Pythagoras two nights to reach Circe when Hercules apparently got there and back in a day the first time?

"Raise your sword." *more sniggering*

Jason, your fond is showing. *g*

Most adorable thing ever, week 6 version: the fact they gave the pig a blanket even *before* they knew it was Hercules. Boys, you are too cute/soppy for words.

Love that fact that while Pythagoras is massively concerned, Jason's immediate reaction is to laugh.

"Don't worry old friend. We'll save your bacon." He was *so* pleased he made Pythagoras laugh XD

J: "How would you feel if I failed to save our friends?"
P: "I will support you, whatever you decide."
**massive hearteyes**

J: "All this for the love of a woman."
P: "There's much to be said for triangles."

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