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Oh, brother.

So, The Furies. (Not to be confused with The Furries, in which Jason is confronted by unsavoury people in animal suits.) Does this episode take the prize for most blindingly obvious plot twist so far? Yes, yes it does.

H: "Ah, all myth. The Greeks are full of them." (I confess this made me laugh quite a lot)

H: "What are you doing?!"
P: "More than you!"

Rewatching, I've just realised technically Hercules kisses Jason twice in this ep...

H: "Where are my clothes?"
J: "You lost them. Gambling."

Glad to see the Oracle hasn't got any more helpful with her advice...

Is it me, or does Arcas look like a half-melted candle?

Baucis, on the other hand, is hawt.

Talking of hot, why are they all riding across the desert with their heads uncovered? Had the ancient Greeks not invented the hat? (Seriously, not so much as a headscarf? I reckon they hallucinated this entire episode.)

I like the Wild West-y soundtrack.

Jason/Pythagoras campfire chats FTW.

J: "You're not pleased to see him."
P: "Of course I am!"
J: "I know you."
(please writers, please drop some kind of frickin' clue as to how long Jason's supposed to have been here now?)

Jason: "I've been practising!"
Love the fact Hercules pauses in the middle of the fight to grin proudly at Jason's new prowess with a sword, hee!

Yeah, let's all stay in the sinister caves, that can't possibly go wrong...

Actually, the whole Furies thing was very well done I thought, very creepy and understated.

H: "I'm going to kiss you. You don't have to kiss me back. Come on. Come on."
(I like that he kept insisting, and also that the cut-to-next-scene presumably meant he did XD. Also, actually, that Jason had trusted his judgement enough to take his advice in the first place.)

Was I alone in being willing to take a risk on kiling Arcas to see if that would stop the Furies...? I was really hoping he'd get it in the neck.

Poor baby emo Pythagoras. And of COURSE Hercules and Jason refuse to leave him. *squishes them all*

J: "This is what friends are for."
P: "Not to die for me."
J: "No. To save you."

I'm not sure what's going on here, I just like this angle...


Hercules: "I knew he would never leave me."


Jason: "He's the kindest man I've ever known."

015 016

Overall, bit slow in parts, but on the plus side yay for a week off from the dull palace intrigue.
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