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"That's not an erection, by the way."

Went to see Tony Hawks last night. I've loved Tony Hawks since (google tells me) 1989 when I remember watching "Morris Minor's Marvellous Motors" because it was on before MacGyver. Having said that, I can remember bugger all about it, although IMDB tells me it also starred Una Stubbs, Andy Serkis and Camille Coduri (Rose Tyler's mum).

And since then I've loved his books, and his random appearances on various panel shows (bet nobody else remembers The Brain Drain) and radio shows, and last night I finally got the chance to love him in person! As it were. From a decorous distance, and the back of the room, anyway. (I would love to be someone capable of going up to a celeb and saying hi and getting something signed (he was flogging dvds from the stage afterwards) but I'm not, and should resign myself to the fact I never will be *sigh*).

Anyway, he's adorable, and laughs at suggestive remarks that weren't intended to be even quicker than I do, which clearly means we were made for each other.
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