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"He knows the Musketeer motto - every man for himself!"

Hmmn, they've done what Atlantis did and had an amount of time (at least a month, based on the rent D'Artagnan owes Constance and her husband) pass between episodes one and two, and they're already - not yet BFFs maybe, but they certainly seem to have bonded with D'Artagnan, enough to keep him around and apparently supervise his training to a certain extent (Porthos: "I taught him that!").

Because here you have this tight-knit bunch of guys who are suddenly prepared to take D'Artagnan under their wing, and while the events of the first episode certainly lay the foundations for why they might do that (and given that they pretty much only really trust each other, it's kind of a big thing), the four of them actually becoming friends is something that's largely happened off screen. Particularly D'Artagnan and Athos, as they didn't spend a whole lot of time together in ep one other than when they were trying to kill each other, and by ep two Athos seems very protective of him. I'd have loved to have seen some of that developing relationship, even if they just threw it in as "comedy training montage (TM)".

E2 013

I guess you need to move the story on to a certain extent when you've only got limited screen time to play with, but I'd have liked at least a scene with D'Artagnan making the decision to stick around in Paris - like, does he go home at any point to tell people his father's dead?

E2 022

I've not read the book yet, although it's calling to me from the pile on my dining table. Torn between the impatience of wanting more between episodes, the fear of spoiling myself for anything (although given they've established this isn't following the text that's less of a risk, but still) and the knowledge that I'll need something to tide me over when the series finishes...

D'Artagnan: "I was raised to fight like a gentleman."
Aramis: "Were you raised to die young?"
E2 001

Athos: "You don't have to do this."
E2 002

Aramis: "I don't like this. I've never been unpopular before."
Porthos: "Try trading places with me."
Aramis: "You're used to it. I'm more the romantic hero type."
E2 003

Athos: "I still think one of us should have done it. [...] He's a Gascon farm boy, promising but raw." *cough*protectivemuch?*cough*

Porthos: "I'm a pretty good judge of character."
Aramis: "You're a terrible judge of character. Especially when you're sober."

Guard: "Mutton stew."
D'Artagnan: *holds up dead mouse* "No, mutton is the one that goes baaa and has wool on it." (aka D'Artagnan is a sassy little shit and I love him)

Aramis: "God, I love that in a woman."
Porthos: "What, passion?"
Aramis. "Violence."
(♥ that Aramis defends Constance to her sniffy husband after she slaps him.)

Athos: "I'm going to check on D'Artagnan." (see what I mean? XD Also, it occurs to me that given that Athos had no way of knowing Vadim would choose that moment to break out, he was essentially risking blowing D'Artagnan's cover and scuppering their entire plan, just to check D'Artagnan was alright.)
E2 004

Aramis: "Don't shoot! There's a Musketeer in there!" *promptly takes the shot himself whilst struggling with a prisoner*

I like that Milady delivers this long speech to the Cardinal demonstrating how she'd convince D'Artagnan to forgive her, then when she actually runs into him again is just like "Yeah, wh'evs. Suck it up bitch."
E2 005

Aramis: "She's a very attractive woman."
Porthos: "She's not a woman. She's the Queen."
E2 006

Athos: "You've done enough. We'll take it from here. [...] It's too dangerous."
E2 007
E2 008
E2 009

D'Artagnan: "I can do this. Trust me." (aww he's all hurt and desperate to prove himself and I still firmly believe Athos is just trying not to get him killed).
E2 010

Constance: "I wish more lodgers would die more often, so I could have an easier life."
E2 011

Suzette: "I've never been this close to a Musketeer with my clothes on before. I must be in trouble."
E2 012

Suzette: "Has anyone ever told you you've got lovely eyes?"
Aramis: "The Captain mentioned it only this morning."

King Louis: "My father never shirked public obligation, no matter what the threat to his person."
The Cardinal: "Your father was assassinated."

E2 014

Someone (I can't tell if it's Athos or Porthos) shouts "Aramis, no!" as he throws himself on the bomb. *dies of feels*
E2 015

I think my favourite thing about this episode (apart from all the man-feels which goes without saying) was the booby trapped door. XD (D'Artagnan, sweetheart, they were really long fuses, you'd've had time to find and pull out the other ends...)
E2 016

Athos: "Is he dead?" (and you know that despite his efforts *all the way through* to talk D'Artagnan out of getting involved/pull him out early, that if he's dead Athos will blame himself forever for it. Ouch.)
E2 018

Actually, no, my favourite thing is definitely Athos figuring out about the explosion just in time and dragging Porthos down with him rather than just throwing himself to safety. ♥ ♥ ♥
E2 017
E2 019
E2 020

E2 021

*gratuitous Athos-in-open-shirt-shot from idk which episode*

So I quite like Athos/Porthos. You know what I also like? Tom Burke/Howard Charles.

Tom: I adore those boys and I felt that very early on. It really hit home to me about a week after I got back when I suddenly realised I felt a bit anxious. I think Howard was the first person I saw - we were watching one of the episodes and I just had a moment about ten minutes into the episode when I suddenly felt very aware of Howard’s presence and I felt fine again. I thought, "God, what on earth is happening? I’m co-dependent".
From Radio Times interview 1

Q: "Who was the fittest?"
Howard: "We were all in pretty decent shape."
Tom: "I would say you were the fittest."

From Radio Times interview 2

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