suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

Belated thank you's for all my birthday wishes on Wednesday! I love you all! *hugs*

I have this week off work, so at least I got a lie-in \o/ - the down-side is that the *reason* I have this week off work is because I am painting the kitchen and lounge/dining room of my mother's house, a task which is turning out to be far more mammoth than expected, not least due to the fact we have to keep emptying various cabinets and bookshelves to move them and paint behind. There's no room to just move everything out.

At least I've trained her to put the radio on as soon as I arrive now. We've been listening the The Hits Radio, as there is minimal talking and upbeat pop trash is ideal for painting to, although a playlist of more than about 4 songs wouldn't kill them. It's not a full day on the ladder unless I've heard Avicii and The Vamps at least four times each....

I should probably apologise for all the Musketeers spam while I'm here. Trouble is, with a half-hour walk each way to her house, I've had plenty of time for plotting...
Tags: birthdays, diary, random wittering
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