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"I always kind've scanned the rail for something in dark leather." Tom Burke, on costume fittings.

So...normally when I'm rewatching an episode of something I take about 20 screencaps. Yeah. For this one I took 85. Erm, oops?

e3 001

I think my favourite thing about this episode (and I have a LOT of favourite things about this episode) is simply Athos and Porthos sitting together in the tavern at the beginning, competently figuring out who else in the room is watching Bonnaire. ♥
e3 002
e3 004
e3 005
e3 007

"I want to see how this plays out."
e3 003
e3 006

I like the fact they just laugh at D'Artagnan when she bites him, instead of going to help.
e3 009

Bonnaire: "Lucky for me you were here!"
Athos: "Not entirely..."
e3 010

"I am Athos of the King's Musketeers, you are under arrest." (Dear God Tom Burke's voice does worrying things to me.)
e3 011

Bonnaire: "No, I never carry any concealed weapons."
*Porthos finds hidden pistol*
Bonnaire: "I completely forgot about that one."

Bonnaire: "A few moments alone with my wife?"
D'Artagnan: "You must think we're stupid."
*everyone else shrugs*
D'Artagnan: "Terribly sorry, apparently we are."

e3 014

Oh sweet baby jesus, Porthos and Athos looking at each other (and Porthos' little nod and smile of approval) while Bonnaire's groaning out sex noises from the next room. Kill me now. XD
e3 015
e3 016
(and of *course* they knew exactly what he was up to, and it was beautiful)

Richelieu: "Of course even assassins should have a holiday."
e3 017

It strikes me that Capaldi would make a good Vetinari...
e3 018

"I've been fending for myself since the age of five." (Oh Porthos... <3)
e3 020

*Athos cocks his pistol* (innocent face)
e3 022

Aramis: "Come out and state your business!"
Athos: "That was very formal."
Aramis: "I like to be polite."
e3 023
e3 028

D'Artagnan: "Aramis!!" (meanwhile, Athos is being practical)
e3 024

I kind've like the fact that despite having a sword and a pistol, Athos sees off most of the people he faces in that ambush by punching them. Now there's a man with a lot of rage...

Athos: "I will inform the cardinal of your claims against Bonnaire."
Paul: "How do I know you won't betray me?"
Athos: "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that."
e3 025
e3 029

e3 030
e3 031

"Don't you care about Porthos?"
e3 032
e3 033

Bonnaire: "So potent they call it kill-devil."
Porthos: "Then let's get acquainted."
e3 034
e3 045

D'Artagnan: "So how did you know about this place?"
Athos: "I own it."
e3 035
e3 036
e3 037

Porthos: "Fine needlework Aramis does. Should have been a seamstress."
e3 038
e3 039

Aramis: "If you'd like to prepare the patient?"
Athos: *knocks him out then shakes his knuckles*
e3 040

e3 041

e3 042

e3 046

e3 047

e3 048

e3 049

e3 050

e3 051

Aramis: "Don't make us knock you out again."
Porthos: "I knew I'd been punched!"
e3 052

Athos: "Go inside Porthos! You're no use in this condition!"
Owwwwwwwchie. His little faaace! (but yeah, ♥ Athos knowing he'll only take notice of practicality, because Porthos just dismisses Aramis' more sympathetic "You're not ready for this.")
e3 053

e3 054

The slave ship reveal was an epic and emotional scene, but I'm mostly taken with the way the screencaps make it look like orgy-tiems.
e3 055
e3 056
e3 057

If anyone else went at Athos like this, he'd kill them without a second thought. But in this ep, Aramis, Porthos AND D'Artagnan grab him by the shirt front, and he reacts utterly passively, doesn't so much as try and push them off. ♥ ♥ ♥ Headcanon: Athos may be the leader of the pack, but he's a total bottom in the bedroom...
e3 058
e3 059

Athos' emo meltdown should not be that attractive...
e3 060
e3 061
e3 062

e3 063

I approve of the fact that the more unhinged he gets, the more his shirt falls open. *coughs*
e3 064
e3 065
e3 066
e3 067
e3 068
e3 069

e3 070
e3 071
e3 072
e3 073

D'Artagnan pouring water over Athos? Hoo mama.
e3 074
e3 075
e3 076
e3 077

And then Athos' response is to pull D'Artagnan's shirt open LOL
e3 078

e3 079

"I suggest you put that down, so we can talk."
e3 080

Aramis making whipping noises. Ngh.
e3 081
e3 082

e3 083
e3 084

e3 085
e3 086

Porthos: "Mind my wound."
Aramis: "Mind my needlework."
e3 087
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