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"She'll say, 'Darling Lulu, what a joy!' and then fall down foaming at the mouth."

They're remaking Mapp and Lucia.

Not sure how I feel about's being written by Steve Pemberton, which I'm tentatively inclined to think is a good thing? But no casting news yet. And I love the original series so much, that it's hard to think of anyone else embodying them quite as well. I shall probably watch it regardless though...

I half hope he makes it different enough that it feels like a completely separate entity. I gave up on the new radio series of Neverwhere because despite a perfect cast it was so almost-but-not-quite-entirely like the tv series that the bits where it differed slightly just felt jarring, and I went and rewatched the dvd instead.

So, I know there's at least a couple of Mapp & Lucia fans on my flist, who would you like to see cast? I'd pay good money for Anna Chancellor as Quaint Irene.

Actually, following his appearance in The Musketeers last night, David Burke would make an acceptable (though maybe too old?) Georgie. And Fiona Shaw would make a bloody good Lucia. Fuck it, throw in Alan Rickman, let's cast Tom Burke's entire extended family.

Ooh, although how about John Sessions as Georgie? I'd pretty much watch him in anything.
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