suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

1st entry in 6 months not actually about The Musketeers (well not entirely)

Email from Ticketmaster: "As a Best Seat ticket holder, you are also entitled to an exclusive One Direction gift." WTF I'd forgotten this point if it's not a blow-up Harry Styles I shall be disappointed XD

So yes, off to That London tomorrow, to harrass astrolabus and tinselworm, stalk 1D (on Saturday, so I shall miss the BGT final, woe), see the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum and generally Get Drunk and make a nuisance of myself. Hurrah!

Slightly sad I shall miss seeing the socceraid thing too, as both Santiago Cabrera and Damian Lewis are playing, not to mention Jeremy Renner, but there we are. I can only stalk one set of people at a time, how sad *g*
Tags: london wheeee!, one direction
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