suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

"They dropped their loads at a little town named Ghurka."

I've just finished reading Biggles In The Terai. The *entire* plot is that Algy's gone missing and Biggles has literally flown half-way round the world to look for him. It's glorious.

"It sounds to me as if he thought he might be interfered with." *gigglesnorts*

When Biggles finally finds him, all injured and having been stranded in the jungle for a month, he sinks to the ground and takes Algy's hand. I'm not sure my heart can take the adorableness :D

Then, having wrapped up the inconsequential side-plot of gold smuggling, he flies home with Algy next to him. "The Indian Customs Officials were welcome to any credit that was due now that he was going home with what he had come to India to find." Eeeeee! Such cute. Many feels. <3

Also I am entertained by the fact that at *exactly* the point I read a line about a storm breaking over them, there was a big fuck-off clap of thunder over the house. Excellent timing, weather, excellent.

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