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Okay, just got home from weekend away, and watched Friday's Musketeers episode as first order of business, because priorities. Initial reactions (moaning, mostly) under the cut, although I'll do a recap/screencap post later.

On the whole, another rather disappointing episode, I felt. For a supposedly Porthos-centred episode, he had very little of substance to do, and no meaningful conversations to speak of. I was joking when I said last week that at this rate the Treville/Porthos conversation would take place off screen - except then that's exactly what happened. Why this insistence on having ALL the significant conversations take place off screen? I mean, I know the writing's fairly dire, but presumably *they* don't think that. Surely they could at least make an attempt?

This just seems to be the series of lost opportunities. We skip the conversation between Porthos and Treville entirely, although this subsequently seems to have been a non-event - seriously Treville, telling him the whole fucking truth from the beginning would have saved a lot of trouble, whether he believed you or not. There could have been a discussion between Aramis and Porthos - it's even set up - but no, wasted. There's not really much discussion between Porthos and his father. No horrified reaction from the other musketeers when Treville presumably at some point got round to telling them Porthos had flounced off resigned his commission. Even assuming they trusted he'd eventually come round and change his mind, that was surely worthy of *some* reaction.

d'Artagnan gets to be an utter cunt again and *still* have Constance come running. (seriously girl, Lemay, much better prospect. just saying.)

And I'm just going to do the rapey-Rochefort scenes a favour and pretend they don't exist. Because, ugh. (although bonus points conceded for eye-patch inducing stabbage)

Milady and Athos seemed to get a scene together entirely for the purposes of being able to say they'd been in the episode at all.

(what was Milady doing in Rochefort's office and why did he start off with an apology? I was assuming she'd been applying the spanish spy leverage, but that came at the end of that scene. so her being there in the first place made no sense?)

The writers genuinely don't seem to know what to do with Athos when he's not Milady-ing other than make him a morose drunk. I know Treville's still around, but we could have had Athos taking charge of stuff, maybe seen him organising the raid on the house and stuff. You know, scenes relevant to the actual plot, and stuff that would give us a reason to see why Treville would pick him as a successor. (Okay, bottom line I'm just bitter Athos was barely in it, but then it was Porthos' episode and he hardly fared much better, so...).

The only bit I really liked was Porthos saying "Well it's bigger than yours," to Athos at the end, which cracked me up. <3

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