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The Prodigal Father

"It's been two hours, you haven't said a word." I'd be intrigued to know where Aramis thinks they're going and why at this point then.

Ah, a meaningful conversation has been held off screen. That's never happened before...oh, wait.

Random regional accent time.

Why *don't* the girls tell Aramis and Porthos the truth? They've nothing to lose, even if they're not believed.

"He'll receive me." (I'd receive you Porthos, any time XD)

Treville: "Porthos needs your loyalty now, more than ever."
d'Artagnan: "It would help if we knew what was going on."
This is the most sensible thing d'Artagnan's ever said. Sadly, Treville is determined to be a cryptic arse.

Headcanon: I am choosing to believe that the reason Athos knows Belgard is Porthos' father already here is that Porthos told him on his way out. (And then dragged Aramis off *without* telling him, but hey it makes no less sense than any of the rest of the script, heh).

Constance has brought her corpsified husband a nice bunch of weeds.

God d'Artagnan's such a persistant shit to her. He's not far off being as controlling as Bonacieux was. Her husband's hardly cold in the ground and he's threatening to leave her if she doesn't jump for joy. A time when she could do with his love and support more than ever, and he's doling out punishment ultimatums. It really is a bizarre contrast with Lemay, who later on is generous and kind even in defeat. You have to wonder what the hell the writers are on, holding d'Artagnan up as the preferred option of the two. (I like him in other ways, but his relationship with Constance is terribly portrayed).

Louis has built a blanket-fort and is signing things without reading them. This, I suspect, is not a good thing.

Belgard, insulting your daughter to her face in front of guests is not typically the sign of a nice man, regardless of whether it's true or not.

Love Aramis giving Porthos his hanky.

Also that Porthos doesn't even break sweat beating the shit out of Levesque. And that Aramis stops him from going too far.

Why has Rochefort sent for Milady? Why is he apologising? Is he just trying to belatedly recruit her as a spy against the Queen? Given she's been chucked out of the palace she's not best placed, or is she just supposed to dig dirt on Aramis? (Does Rochefort know she's Athos' wife?)

Milady, you can't just interrupt a man's brooding time *and* steal his drink and expect him to be pleased to see you.

Milady: "What will you give me in return?"
Athos: "My undying gratitude."
Is he taking the piss? I'd dearly love to think so, but I sadly I suspect not.

Given that Athos assumes Milady is only out for herself, and he has seen for himself Rochefort humiliate her in public, you'd think he'd be more receptive to the idea she'd like to bring him down. But then, why should I expect Athos to be written any more logically than the others when it comes to women. *sigh*

Aramis is lurking. He does a lot of that in this episode.

Unexpected!proposal from Lemay. I like the sound of the "lively companionship".

Athos: "Porthos should know about this."
Treville: No, let's keep him in the dark for the sake of unneccessary angst and confusion, 'kay?

Belgard: "I expect you have questions for me?"
Porthos: Yeah, why's your mansion in a worse state than my mate's what's been abandoned for five years and then set on fire?
I'd sack your housekeeper. Oh shit, wait, was she my mum?

Aaaand Treville's still refusing to give straight answers, and incriminating himself in the process, not to mention making Porthos more upset. Is this not an unreasonably cruel way of going about things? Half of Porthos' anger is at the entirely justified sense of being lied to and kept in the dark.

Also, don't shout at Porthos for believing what his father said when (a) YOU REFUSED TO TELL HIM Belgard was an arse in the first place and (b) YOU HAVE JUST CONFIRMED that what he said you did was true. You can't ask Porthos to trust you when there's nothing left to base that trust on.


Aww, hugs for Porthos, yes!

Athos and d'Artagnan go sex clubbing.

They could have *dressed* off-duty, I feel. I'd have paid those 20 livres to see Athos in a dodgy sex-fiend get-up. He could have raided Rochefort's wardrobe.

Also, they can't scrape together 100 livres to pay Milady, but they've got at least 40 hanging around to get Athos and d'Art into the party no probs?

Moar lurking for Aramis.

Eleanor: "Gentlemen!"
Athos: Dammit, that's normally my line.

d'Artagnan: "Let's make our move before I kill someone."
Athos: How about we wait until they've actually proposed something illegal, or it's just going to be embarrassing?

Athos is being all commanding. I need a moment.

Aramis has just punched two people with his hat. It's never the wrong time to accessorise.

Athos - finest swordsman in France, but unfortunately vulnerable to women wielding tea-trays. Wonder how long it'll take him to live *that* one down?

Grumpy!cat looks particularly grumpy tonight. Maybe Treville's finally found the time to tell them about Porthos leaving?
Or has he not bothered yet?

Why did the Levesques bother drugging Camille? She was going entirely willingly to Paris with them. They could have just taken her straight to their house and locked her up there?

Ah, we're back with Porthos. Finally. Not that this is his story or anything.

Oh, no, I spoke too soon, we're back in the palace. Where Queenie is possibly unwisely revealing loudly next to an open door that Aramis is the baby!daddy.

Anne: "Thank God I have one precious memory to sustain me." Aramis only managed the once that night then? XD

Treville and Athos are creeping on the girls.

Athos: "Could Porthos be in danger?"
I'm not convinced Treville *has* told them yet. I can't believe Athos *or* Aramis would be this sanguine about everything if they knew Porthos was so upset he'd jacked in the Musketeers and ridden off alone. I just can't. The only genuine emotion we get to see in this episode is from Porthos when he thinks he hasn't earned his place as a Musketeer, and he's more upset about that than the fact Treville ditched him in the slums. I whinged in the previous post about the number of lost opportunities for meaningful conversations/emotional scenes this season, and the others finding out Porthos had gone would have been another, because they *know* how much it means to him.

It's a good thing the danger it turns out Porthos is in, can wait the two hour ride for the others to get there, eh?

So eight episodes of build-up, Treville says sorry, no mention is ever made again of the falsified evidence claim, and we're all friends again? Okay then.

Athos: "What about your inheritance?"
Porthos: "This place? Not interested. Still. It is bigger than yours." <3333

And then, having had a sweet but oh so brief scene between what I had been lead to believe were the four main characters, we fuck off to spend the last ten minutes in the tedious presence of first Constance and then Rochefort. What was the name of this show again? You know what, I actually can't be arsed to rewatch the last few scenes, and that has never happened before, with any of the other episodes, however bad. I can only pray that the third series goes back to having the boys as the main focus, but frankly I am losing optimism by the week.
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