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The Accused

"This is not a visitor, it's the Queen!" I love Porthos. Shame he again only get about three lines in this ep.

Athos: "If the Queen comes to any harm - you will pay for it. With your blood."

No wonder the Red Guard are shit at fighting, they can hardly move their arms under those capes.

Athos: "If Rochefort's advances to the Queen were treason, what does that make yours?"
Aramis: "Love."
Athos: "I'm sure the King will appreciate the difference."
(aka Athos is done with your shit, part 726)

Fuck me, we actually get a Significant Conversation on screen. Although when Aramis said "Not here," I thought for a horrible moment they were going to skip this one as well.

Now this is bound to be an unpopular opinion given that everyone else seems to love him, but I kind've resent the way Treville has been shoehorned into so much of the action this series? For me it contributes to the feeling that we're seeing less of the boys as a tight-knit unit. Here, Aramis confessing to his closest friends is one thing, and sure, Treville has to know, but to me it feels like this should have been two separate conversations. Tell the boys, then tell the captain with them silently supportive at your back. But then, that would involve taking screentime away from Rochefort and the Dolphin, and imply you were going to take time to explore the issue properly, as opposed to getting it all over and done with in a couple of minutes. (have I mentioned how much I hate the writing this season? I may have...having said that, I do like this scene. any scene involving sassy!Athos and Porthos!hugs is the best scene, by definition.)

I am also amused by the fact Aramis spends the whole scene with his hands on his hips like a sulky and defiant teenager being told off.

Athos: "If I'd known what he was going to do I'd have shot him there and then." XD

Porthos: "Why didn't you tell us?"
Aramis: "I had to protect the Queen's reputation."
d'Artagnan: "You could have done that by not sleeping with her."


It would be a sweet irony if Rochefort actually ends up dying from an infection, after turning down Lemay's offer to treat his eye.

Louis, stop flirting with Rochefort.

Ooh it's Catherine. I'd forgotten about her. Stalking Milady by the carrot stall, naturally.


Meanwhile, Porthos and Aramis are skipping the Milady negotiations for some bonding/drinking time. And Porthos tells him pretty much exactly what Athos has already said. Will Aramis take any more notice of him do we think?

Athos has moved on from leaning on things to sitting sexily on tables. I approve.

Is it me, or is a group of five people moving *very* shiftily through the grounds more likely to attract attention than if they'd been walking normally/like they belonged there? XD

Did Milady just kill someone with a napkin?

I like that Constance is ready to beat someone over the head with a candlestick. Although she'd have been better off standing behind the door.

Does anybody in the palace ever actually notice the queen's guards have disappeared? Porthos insists they hurry because they don't know how soon they'll change the guard or whatever, but Rochefort doesn't come to look for the Queen until ages later, and they're never mentioned. Are people going to wonder in about a week what the strange smell coming from the cupboard is?

I see Catherine is still calling Athos Athos, despite the fact that technically her fiancee was also an Athos. Although she refers to him as Thomas de la Fere, rather than Thomas d'Athos. Whut. (really, all we want is confirmation of Athos' first name, is that too much to ask?)

Also - what are they doing here, at this point? I'm assuming that Athos and Milady have just pre-arranged this as a meeting point, as she stayed behind to deal with the dead guards and seems surprised to see Catherine. But it's never actually explained.

So is that it for Catherine's plotline then? Proving once again that it sucks to be a woman in the Musketeers-verse, because the writers apparently believe that this means you must be made utterly miserable and to do ugly-sobbing (and more often than not will then probably kill you off for good measure.)

Isn't Louis' wineglass the same as the ones they had at the mad observatory? I'd like to think he nicked it.

I really, really hate that they're now making out Milady was telling the truth about Thomas all along. In fact I hate this entire storyline.

Athos is now lodged in Richelieu's priest-hole. *sniggers*

I would be less revolted by the whole Athos/Milady snogging scene if it wasn't for the detestably smug expression on her face afterwards. In fact, a lot of my Milady-hate can be put down to her constantly smug expression. (I am belatedly coming to the realisation that it may just be Maime McCoy that I don't like. There was a post on tumblr about how Natalie Dormer would have made a good Milady, and I'd have adored her, I think, even with the same storyline.)

It's the battling nuns of win!
roflbot (1).jpg

Treville: "Porthos will take first watch, and Athos should be here soon. Basically, we're not letting Aramis within six inches of you."

I like that given there's a massive bench, the three Inseperables are all bunched together at one end of it. It's almost like someone remembered for a moment they're supposed to be besties.


Oh, how handy, a forging nun!

"I am your god now." Rochefort's officially gone off what little rocker he had left. Poor Marguerite.

Treville, stop flirting with the nuns.

So wait, they're sending Porthos to Spain? Given the way distances seem to work on this show, that'll take him a good couple of hours.
And let's not send the Musketeer that actually speaks Spanish, eh?

Athos: "Just - stay alive."
Porthos: "I'll do me best."
Aww, the way Athos looks at Porthos as he's about to ride off. <3

Lemay! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (nice collarbone though. ahem.)

Anne: "We must do as [Marguerite] says." These are not the faces of men who are convinced.

Hey, Queenie, maybe don't turn and stare at Aramis when Rochefort says "your musketeer" when you're allegedly denying his accusations?

Is Rochefort looking at the cross, or just trying for a look at Aramis' tits there?

Reading that back, a lot of it seems to come across as rather negative. I do still love the show, or at least I still love the boys, and there are at least occasional flashes of what used to be. I think part of my problem with this series (apart from the mostly god-awful writing) is that I just don't care about any of its big themes. I couldn't care less about the consequences of Aramis' inability to keep it in his trousers, or Rochefort's skeevy bid for power, and I don't ship d'Artagnan and Constance. Which leaves about five minutes of plotline that I'm actually invested in. Is it too much to hope that series three will bring back the banter and teamwork of series one? Probably. *sighs*

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