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Fic Round-Up

I've been slack about posting my fic here recently, here's a catch-up post of what I've posted on AO3 in the last few weeks!

Title: Stand And Deliver
Pairings: Athos/Porthos
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 6,697
Summary: Reincarnation!fic, sequel to Gentlemen Of The Road - Athos keeps dreaming of a house, and is more than surprised to find it actually exists. Not only that, but he's beginning to suspect he once lived there - several hundred years ago.

Title: To The Brink
Pairings: Athos/Porthos
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 38,388
Summary: Athos is a bored, stay-at-home husband with a drink problem and a wife who despises him. Their new pool boy Porthos is a welcome distraction from the tedium of his days, but Athos' attentions aren't necessarily welcomed and things will get worse before they get better. A lot worse.
Content Warning: Attempted suicide, and some fairly brutal sex in the beginning.

Title: Out Of Darkness
Pairings: Athos/Porthos
Rating: 15
Wordcount: 31,971
Summary: Alternate timeline: By the end of the war with Spain, Porthos is Captain of the Musketeers. Aramis declined to leave the monastery, and Athos and d'Artagnan went missing almost a year previously, and are both presumed dead. During a routine visit to a surrendered fortress after the ceasefire, Porthos suddenly discovers that Athos is actually still alive. Tortured and imprisoned in horrendous conditions, he's in a bad way and no longer remembers who he is. Porthos is determined to nurse Athos back to health even if his memories never return - but what Porthos doesn't bargain on, is slowly falling in love.
Content Warning: Character death. I confess, d'Artagnan is dead from the start in this.

Title: Potion Number Nine
Pairings: Athos/Porthos
Rating: 12
Wordcount: 4,534
Summary: Athos unknowingly drinks a love potion, and inadvertently falls in love with Porthos.

Title: The Italian Vice
Pairings: Athos/Porthos/Aramis
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 5,131
Summary: Written for a prompt of "d'Artagnan finds out about the OT3 and is not cool with it."

Title: Know Not Any Stain
Pairings: Gen
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 17,974
Summary: Written for evilmaniclaugh’s prompt “Athos actually loses his commission for being drunk while on duty.” When the worst happens, Athos has to face up to his alcoholism if he’s ever going to be in with a chance of winning his commission back - but the regiment too is soon to be in disgrace, and it may be that as a civilian Athos is the only one in a position to protect the Queen. (Set between series 1 and 2).
Tags: fic, the musketeers
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