suzie_shooter (suzie_shooter) wrote,

2015 Fic Summary

So in 2015 I posted 439,036 words of fic - 406,723 words of Musketeers fic and 32,313 words of Musketeers RPF (Tom/Howie). I think it's safe to say I was fairly well focussed on one fandom this year...(plus there's around another 30k unfinished and as yet unposted, but that'll go towards next/this year's total).

Including the unposted stuff that's 90k more than last year. A lot of it had to do with the fact I had fuck all to do at work for several months over the summer. I was getting so bored I started to look for another job, but then they gave me a promotion I didn't want, and now my job's stressful as hell and I miss the peaceful days of dullness. I know, some people are never happy...

Anyway, Happy New Year!

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