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Musketeers S3 - The Hunger

Ew. Nekkid d'Artagnan. Do not want.

Phwoar, two on one musketeer action, that's more like it! *sniggers* Also how long has Athos wanted to smack Aramis in the face?

I don't trust this man's moustache.

"What does the granary keeper say?" Arghhhhburblesplat. Since you ask.

Refugees? Oh dear are we trying to be embarrassingly topical again?

Wot no carrots? Is this a sign of the starving times? Cabbages only. The garrison is going to be v. smelly tonight.

"Two war heroes at once. I deserve a medal." And later you'll probably deserve a cushion...

I'm amused by the way the cadet's message makes it sound like the riot's d'Artagnan's fault.

Feron looking rather dishevelled and post-coital there.

The Red Guard might be up to no good, but I'm sure this is the first time I've seen an actually useful amount of men dispatched to do something.

Ohnoes, Athos has found her takeaway menu.

Nice cough. Hubert's forty-a-day habit would appear to be catching up with him.

...I know he's a wrong-un, but I feel quite sorry for Leon getting the shit beaten out of him by his own boss.

An honest Magistrate?! There must be some mistake!

"We used to knock." Heh.

Oh look, it's Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler selling grain that's fallen off the back of a wagon.

I love the fact that in the good-Musketeer/bad-Musketeer double act it's Aramis who gets to be bad-Musketeer. Fake!concerned Porthos is adorable.

Limestone dust. CSI Paris is back \o/

Curtains for Hubert.

...if Leon had just brought the sacks in a bag there'd have been no need to kill Satsuma Clementine?

"I've been sneered at by better men. They're dead now." I like Grimauld. Him and his Sean-Bean-alike accent. He makes me lol.

Feron: indignant, slightly scared and awkwardly turned on by Grimauld and the knife there.

"Of course we are. D'you think we've been out here doing nothing?" I'm liking Constance a lot more this season. She's taking less crap.

I like Athos' distracted moment of - "shit, she can use a sword as well?!"

Porthos: much sneak, very stealth.

"I've never killed a Musketeer." "You never will."

LOL Aramis that was entirely your own fault.

I assume Athos going to stand behind Leon is vaguely supposed to stop Sylvie shooting him on the basis of their conversation earlier about the range and the bullet going right through, but I am also amused that Athos doesn't care enough to stand in *front* of him XD

She's not actually struggling Athos, you can stop clutching her chest now probably.

Porthos sure knows how to make an entrance. Also, a mess.

"The Musketeers have returned to Paris. All, er, four of them. Didn't we used to have more?"

"You don't have to go. I'll need somone to carry the corpse, for a start."

Feron and Grimauld are going to kiss soon, right?

ZOMG. You go Sylvie! Porthos approves. Look at that grin. He sees a threesome in his near future.

I'm loving Athos' hands on hips pose in the final shot. My beardy sassy baby.

OLIVER CHRIS! I thought Beaufort looked familiar.

Wait, what, the next one's going to be a week on Monday? At nine?? Fucking hell BBC!

*Porthos disapproves*

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