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Musketeers S03E03 - Brothers In Arms

How many bloody brothers has the King got?

Ah, just shoot the little shit.

I'm sure it's all very historically accurate and shit, but Louis' single pearl drop earring is making me giggle.

Kiss my ring. *sniggers*

To be fair, I wouldn't want d'Artagnan's baby either.

Kinky massage!tiemz with Feron and Marcheaux!

Why not leave the wallet itself for Athos to find rather than just a note?

I'm not sure announcing your plans to storm the palace in front of the Musketeers is terribly sensible.

Oh God, Aramis not again!

"Show her Majesty you can be friends with the Dauphin. And try not to frighten the boy." XD

I love Athos' Oh FFS Aramis! expression even at a distance.

"I have the White Plague, Treville." Dun-dun DUN!

"I thought we were telling each other everything?"

"Where's the Minister and my Musketeer?" <333

Has Christophe got "getaway helicopter" on that list of demands?

Awwwww Athos' expression when Louis agrees to the attack on the tavern. He's so scared for Porthos! (oh alright, and Treville if you must) He's almost in tears! ♥

"Don't attack until you hear the signal but I'm not going to tell you what it is."

I love the fact that Christophe can kind of tell Athos has just blatantly and awkwardly given Porthos some kind of coded message but has no way of working out what it means.

That's a fucking big hole Aramis has knocked through that wall all by himself, without anyone hearing him!

I so need fic describing Porthos' capture by the Spanish and his rescue by Athos and d'Art.

"Still got it I see?" "Most of it."

Athos spends so much of this episode in fear for Porthos' life. It's heartwrenching. I love it. His little face after the explosion! <3

I want Christophe to yell "Stop shooting at my pub!!"

Marcheaux has a remarkably even temper considering how often Treville punches him in the face. There's a definite pain kink going on there I reckon...

Aww, and we almost got through an entire episode without killing off a woman.

Sylvie and Athos are so sweeeeeeet!

"The future has many possibilities Gaston, and all of them end in death." I love Feron.

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