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The Musketeers - The Queen's Diamonds

Phwoar. Go Athos! *sniggers*

Wet!Athos is love. I particularly adore his little ponytail.

"There are only four Musketeers?!" yeah, we're baffled too, love.

I have to say I love the fact they've gone with a queen's diamonds ep.

"Surely you recognise your own brother?"
the scriptwriters are really giving no fucks in the episode, it's hilarious

Bonnaire! I love his little wave XD

Porthos should dangle people off bridges more often. It's a good look for him.

"Drop him." XD

I like that the three baddies all actually comunicate in this, and to some extent trust each other to get shit done, and with information. It's also not helping my conviction that they're having a pervy threesome.

"I think we can safely say that we've all worn quite well." LMAO

Is that Paul McGann? OMG.

Is Feron a vampire now, refusing to come out of his coach?

They really do only have two sets of wineglasses in the props store don't they?

"Aramis. Shoot the horse." Athos, no! Bad Athos!

"Erm. Porthos?" Love that Athos doesn't actually stop Porthos from chucking the jewel to the labourers, or try and get it back. <3

Does Aramis ever actually do any bloody work? Slacker.

"I was like you. Dragged from place to place as a child."
I thought Sylvie's lot were supposed to be just French citizens displaced by this latest war, so in the last five years?

"Why do these diamonds smell of horse?"

"I'm a laydee!"

"Aramis, whine." He does little else. Oh, wine, I see. XD

Is Feron introducing wacky baccy to the Dutch?

"The English say it all the time. They don't know what it means either."

Loving the Athos/Porthos assault combo.

Porthos is loving this sewing up Bonnaire thing so much!

Sylvie you're adorable but also either daft as a brush or massively naive to ask one of the king's musketeers to a seditious sekkrit meeting. Even if you are knobbing him. Of course he can't bloody come. Although to be fair, Athos you could also try explaining that, you twat.

Shifty servant alert. I don't trust this man's fringe.

Bloody hell, a sub-plot that ties up to the main plot? That's almost like proper writing.

Aramis stop being a cock womble or Athos will bitchslap you.

"So. Did you shoot him?" "No, Aramis is my pennance." (Athos' little smiiiile <33)

Pauline needs tips from Milady on how to kill someone without getting blood on your dress.

"No one ever hears you coming, do they Grimauld?" I bet you have though, hur hur.

Feron has a cunning plan...

I loved this ep, I think it might be my favourite of the series.

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