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Musketeers Ep 6 - Death Of A Hero

Kinky blindfold tiemz for Aramis.

I'm not sure Constance's unexpected!shaving technique is entirely within health and safety guidelines...

Athos is naked and tied to a rafter. My brain is broken. Bzzzzt. HOLY MOTHER OF CATS. Also, headcanon that Athos is the subbiest sub in the regiment confirmed, lol.

I like Porthos' shirt. How many innocent bystanders has Aramis shot doing this though?

Athos has put his shirt back on to go to sleep. I call unfair. Still, nice legs.

"By immediately I do presume you mean after breakfast? Since I've paid for it?" lol poor Porthos.

Ohnoes! Poor baby Athos. Leave him alone you brute. Still, just as well Sylvie didn't agree to a morning shag or he'd really have been caught with his pants down.

Has she just shot his ear off?

Aaaaand he's gone. Grimauld's not going to turn out to be a robot is he?

"It doesn't get any easier, this killing." Maybe you're in the wrong line of business then Feron!

Assuming this isn't meant to be set right after the last episode (judging by what Sylvie says to Athos about him being there a lot), Treville could possibly have shared the information about Feron and Grimauld being in cahoots a little earlier, no?

"When I said ordinary I didn't mean ugly!" Oh Louis.

"And - please don't draw attention to yourself." Like by stabbing any more random citizens, for example. I'm amused that everyone hates Gaston, even his allies.

"Why must you question my every decision?" Er, because they're all stupid?

Wait, what, the King really did ask for Aramis? Nice misdirection there, I'd assumed he was for the chop. Laughing at Feron's "oh bollocks!" face.

"It's time you were reaquainted with your God." Ominous.

Aramis, stop staring at the queen in public.

Fairly sure they didn't have fields that big in this period. Also they appear to have ridden all the way to the American prairie.

Grimauld is not having a good day. Trusting Feron to remain lucid long enough to carry out a risky plan also a questionable decision!

Porthos probably assessing whether he can drink the entire barrel. If this had been a genuine mission, I'm not sure the general's aide would have appreciated turning up to find two shitfaced musketeers waiting for him. XD

Sneaky ambush tiems.

"Getting caught unarmed and unawares. Doesn't sound like you." What, is Athos supposed to go around armed to the teeth even when he's sleeping then? Maybe if you'd fucking told him about the alliance earlier he'd have been more on his guard.

Louis and Aramis not looking at all conspicuous there.

D'Artagnan stop rubbing it in about all the family you've got that Porthos hasn't or he's going to punch you.


Grimauld: Fuck these two rafters in particular.

And of course Porthos is the first name Athos shouts <3

I have something to show you. It's your own grave. That's not creepy at all.

Awww Porthos and d'Art are holding hands.

"This is not a coincidence." You THINK?

Aramis, now would be a really good time to lie.

Feron, possibly it would be safer to betray the really angry armed man from a distance? Oh dear. Well at least there's a ready-prepared tomb. Handy, eh?

Where is everybody? No monks or priests or anyone in this place?

LOLing at Grimauld's "oh fuck!" face when the cavalry show up.

I'm still loving Athos' little pony-tail look this season.

Oh well at least Louis' come round to letting Aramis live. That's wildly generous based on some of his previous decisions.

Aww poor sad Marcheaux. And sad Athos and Sylvie. Everybody's sad, waah.

I did like that Marcheaux used his own cloak to cover Feron, and was genuinely upset. Definitely banging then. Although genuinely surprised they killed off Feron this early.

Aramis which part of 'you will have no contact with the queen or I'll hang you' did you not understand?
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