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Musketeers Ep 8 - Prisoners of War

Hey, Anne, you know who might be more sensible to use for covert ops than Aramis given the shaky ground you're on? Literally ANYONE else.

If you only want him to drink a sip, why not only give him a sip to drink?!

"Treat them as you'd wish to be treated." Yeah, but Marcheaux's got a pain kink a mile wide, that's not going to help XD

What *were* the prisoner of war understandings at this point in history? Cos I can't help feeling that Marcheaux's actually got a point here.

Oh, okay, she's using Aramis cos he speaks Spanish. I'll allow that. Still stupid that they sent Porthos to Spain in S2 in that case though. And all the Spanish seem to speak English, er, I mean French anyway.

"There is no peace." Yeah, peace off.

This may be harsh, but Aramis has been deserving to be beaten round the head for some time.

Hey guys, you know what would have made for a genuinely surprising reveal? Not putting Maimie's name in the fucking title sequence!

Why the fuck did you need three of the musketeers to get there to search the grounds? Do you not have literally hundreds of palace staff?

Heh, Louis' wankered.

Milady REALLY needs to get over that calling-card thing. I suppose it's just as well that Athos didn't bang her in a field of turnips. Harder to fit into a locket, for starters.

Now if this was Athos he'd probably quite enjoy being dangled from a rafter.

Those sleeve gaps under Aramis' arms *really* make me want Grimauld to torture him by tickling him.

"Is that a rosary in your pocket, or are you just pleased to - oh."

"The Spanish are our enemy!" LOL way to put your foot in it Porthos.

Also Milady really needs to ditch that distinctive perfume...

"I'm not an assassin." Technically, you are. And Treville's actually offering you money for it without protest. Not entirely sure what your objections are here sweetcheeks, you were never going to get a free handout from him, and presumably didn't expect one, so...?

Oooh that's a terrible wig on Lorraine.

He could have just used the wood he was sitting on. That would have bollocksed Aramis' escape XD

Hang on did he just pick his locks with a toasty crucifix?

D'Artagnan's unexpectedly ginger cousin has a point about him abandoning his old life. Athos was right, d'Artagnan is more like him than he realises XD

"I thought of you often." Kiss hiiiim.

I like that Brujon has adopted Athos' habit of leaning on things.

Has Constance drawn a fleur de lys on some corrugated cardboard with felt tip and stuck it down her dress?

The security in the garrison is almost as bad as the palace...and Brujon is very accepting that random woman is Athos' wife, despite presumably having no idea Athos was married.

Aww, they're releasing the ginger into the wild.

Yeah, probably should've gagged Aramis there, Grimauld. A sentiment many people have had before you.

Oi, you could at least have warned Athos who was waiting for him Brujon you little shit.

Eww, put her down. Yuck.

Why should he believe you? He has absolutely zero reason to, and you've just implied you might have killed his girlfriend. Not exactly winning his trust, there.

Go, Athos! Ooh, that's going to piss off Milady. That you've found a woman you'll defy the law for, and it's not her. Good.

Ouchie. Poor Sylvie.

"A soldier should never play at politics Aramis." "Isn't that what you're doing?" Oohhhhhhhh catty! XD

Well, overall not my fave ep, but it did the job. Actually it made me realise a major reason I've been enjoying this series so much is its almost total lack of Milady.

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