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Musketeers Ep 9 - The Prize

Here's an idea, maybe not encourage the man with a terminal respiratory disease to over-exert himself? Oops, too late.

Take the baby and hide it in the labyrinth - no, wait, wrong film.

"Involve only people you trust. Not Aramis." LOL. That does leave him with a verrrry short list.

Also, I am unclear as to which part of hiding the boy in the middle of a city that's about to be put to the sword, instead of keeping him in the (theoretically, hah) very well defended palace, or, say, a cell in the chatelet, is supposed to be a good idea.

"I'm going to make you an honorary musketeer. You need to lie a lot and shag people you probably shouldn't m'kay?"

Athos is so sweeeet with the wee boy king <3

"No one is protected here! Have you not noticed we only have two guards?"

"The Duke of Lorraine's army is preparing to march on Paris." Er, what, where you've just sent Louis to hide? If you can genuinely only rely on three musketeers out of the entire royal staff, I would say you're pretty fucked already, to be fair.

I like Constance's "Holy shit you've stolen the king!" expression.


Wouldn't it have made more sense to just replace Marcheaux as captain, than piss off a whole regiment of armed men? Are ALL the Red Guard genuinely that disloyal to the crown?

"We did hope you'd take it like a man. Didn't we?"
"We did. But then again we knew you wouldn't." XD

Has Porthos learned the Vulcan nerve grip?

This barman is very nonchalant about the fight going on!

Marcheaux is being openly treasonous, so - er - arrest him, maybe? Rather than let him retain command of his men?

If Treville is officially the Regent, *does* the pardon need Anne's signature to be law?

Heavy cavalry, light cavalry. Fat bastard cavalry. Cavalry on a low-carb diet.

Grimauld resetting Marcheaux's shoulder is kind've sweet.

What, no, don't leave Louis on his own! Oh FFS.

You're not about to get a random six year old boy shot are you?

Creepy-ass puppets!

"Don't worry, we haven't killed him. Yet." Ah Porthos, always so diplomatic XD

"What happened to one for all?" I don't know Aramis, what happened to it last week when you were doing sekkrit missions for the queen without telling your Captain and got yourself captured? Or does it only work one way?

Brujon has a really bad habit of not telling people in advance who's waiting for them!

I was kind've assuming there would be more people in this church...

"Gentlemen, as happy as I am that we're all friends again, can I go and help my wife now?" Heh.

"I have men crawling all over the place." Might find him quicker if you let them walk...

No boys here. Just women innocently doing laundry in a non-suspicious manner. Nothing suspicious here at all. We've not even seen the king. He's definitely not hiding under the floor. Oh, shit.

Time for Dogtanian kebab.

How does random laundry woman know Grimauld's name?

Grimauld holding little Louis' hand is oddly sweet as well, for a man prepared to kill him.

Has Treville just been shot in the arse?

Ooh it's all gone slo-mo. Must be serious.

Oh dear, it's curtains for Treville. My mother's going to be furious.

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I'm also quite cross that they've killed of Treville who has become more handsome as the series progressed ( yes, I'm shallow 😊).

I also wondered how the laundry women knew Grimauld.
I've never been terribly invested in Treville so I'm afraid the first time I saw that ep I actually laughed. Oops. I am a bad person. XD

Yeah, the laundry woman thing was weird, because I was listening again on the rewatch and they never mention his name in front of her. Although I suppose if he's wanted for the murder of Feron then maybe his name has become quite well known across the city?
The last shot of Treville's body reminded me of D'Artagnan's father's death.

Also, I was saying 'You idiot!' out loud several times during this episode.

Hugo Speer did a fantastic job as Treville.
ooh yes, you're right it was similar. just needed a sudden rainstorm!

the entire plan was terrible from the start. if Treville hadn't sent boy Louis away in the first place, or even if he'd just confided in Anne where he was and who had him so she was satisfied he was safe (because "your son is with your ex-lady-in-waiting who you trust with your life" is very different from "your son is with random male musketeers and I'm not telling you who and it's clearly not Aramis, Athos, d'Art or Porthos who you also trust because they're still here in the palace") then he'd probably still have been alive!
I knew Treville was going to die even before I got the chance to start watching the season :/ I'm not happy about it, as I really liked the guy. I hate that they had to kill him off at this point of the show when the show was going to be over soon anyway :(

Will watch the episode later, but I was really dreading this moment to come :/
poor Treville. I guess the writers just couldn't resist killing off at least one major character.
Ehm... they actually killed 2 in ONE episode... both were MAJOR characters in the opening credits and series regulars... ugh... I really don't like it but at least he died a hero saving the kid. Which he brought in danger first but oh well... :P
Louis' death had been signalled for ages though, so I confess I wasn't really fussed about that one!
This barman is very nonchalant about the fight going on!
Probably happens every other week!

Brujon has a really bad habit of not telling people in advance who's waiting for them!
Maybe he's just really rubbish at remembering names

There were a lot of bad decisions in this ep! Poor Treville At least he got a badass slo-mo sequence though!
possibly Brujon doesn't actually know the queen by sight and is just getting really embarrassed by the number of women that keep turning up in Athos' office XD